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Five Tips To Stay Cosy This Winter

Five Tips To Stay Cosy This Winter

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like it went from Summer, to a two week Autumn and straight into Winter. The temperatures have definitely dropped and I’m loving being able to get cosy in the evenings when blogging away on my laptop whilst burning a festive scented candle. I always feel really motivated with blogging in the cooler months and I love nothing more than getting under my fluffy throw to keep warm. I always try to keep my central heating off until I absolutely need it as my skin becomes even drier when I turn the heating on so I have five tips how to keep cosy this winter which I like to do when the temperatures drop outside.

The first one is probably the most obvious but blankets and throws. They’re not exactly glamorous but there’s something so comforting about a fluffy throw. There’s so many lovely festive throws to choose from but my go-to place for cosy throws is definitely Asda George as they’re only around £6-£12 but they’re really lovely and they make for great gifts too.

My next tip is another non-glamorous one but it’s something I swear by especially with my IBS and PCOS, and that’s a ‘body hot water bottle’. If you’ve not tried one you really are missing out but they’re basically, long thin bottles which you can wrap around your body or limbs to keep you warm. Whenever I get muscle spasms or cramps, I simply wrap the bottle around my torso and it really helps to ease the pain. One thing we’ve changed in our room this year is our curtains and I had no idea curtains can make such a difference to the warmth of a room. We’ve now got lovely, thick and heavy curtains which help to keep the cold air within the window frame and it’s particularly noticeable on frosty mornings. You can buy thermal curtain linings too which you can attach to your existing your curtains which is handy too.

If you’re a blogger or freelancer and you notice you get really cold hands, I can’t recommend a Slanket enough. They’re basically a long blanket with sleeves and I thought they were hilarious until I was bought one as a gift and now I totally understand the hype. Mine keeps my arms warm whilst I’m typing and it’s such a genius concept, and I couldn’t be without mine now.

The last one is something I was bought as a Christmas present last winter and I’ve used them so much since I got them and it’s microwaveable slippers which you can get on Amazon quite cheaply. I thought that they’d perhaps be a gimmick but oh my gosh they’re amazing, and they stay warm for a really good amount of time and I love to wear mine just before going to bed or when I just get home and need warming up. I know I must look a right treat in my slanket and microwaveable slippers but I don’t care as long as I’m cosy…

I’d love to know your tips for staying cosy in the winter?

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