New Year’s Eve Party Tips

28th November 2018

It’s less than a month until Christmas which is crazy and we’re all making plans on how we’re going to spend the festive period this year. I look forward to Christmas all year long, and New Year’s Eve as I love welcoming in the new year with a list of resolutions. I really can’t wait, as I have lots of plans for 2019 and I’m already pinning away New Year’s Eve party tips over on my Pinterest account.

New Year's Eve Party Tips

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year, Pinterest is the place to go for inspiration as there are endless tips and ideas on how to throw the best party from what food and drinks to prepare, games you could play with the family, to party decorations and much more. If you’re going to have a lot of people over to celebrate you could always consider buying a canopy or gazebo from garden-camping which would be especially fun if you’re planning on letting off fireworks once the clocks strike midnight and dancing the night away. I thought I’d include a few tips to round up my New Year’s Eve party tips!

I love the idea of having some DIY games for your party and we’re not talking Twister or Operation. Depending on how many people you’re inviting there are lots of fun games and activities you can do. There’s one idea in particular where you can create cards with questions such as ‘most embarrassing moment of the year’ or ‘biggest achievement of the year’ and you have to pick a card at random and share your answers with everyone. If games aren’t your thing, you could always create a fun countdown for each hour that passes until midnight. You could purchase some fireworks and sparklers for when the clock strikes midnight so the whole family can mark the arrival of the new year!

New Year's Eve Party Tips

Holding a party at any time of the year creates a lot of washing up so I’d recommend where possible using disposable table items to minimise the clean-up operation the next day. I’d also recommend using table cloths to protect your table as spillages at any party are inevitable and consider moving any breakables away from the area. Use inspiration boards to decorate your canopy, add a music playlist to the mix and come up with a unique hashtag for the party for everyone to tag themselves and post photos of the amazing time they’re having! This is also a great way to remember those unique dance moves!

One big trend on Pinterest for parties is photo booths. It can be expensive to hire a photo booth, but you could always create your own DIY one and add props for extra fun on the night. There’s lots of tutorials available with stencils you can print out to create your own props. Going out for New Year’s Eve is always expensive with taxis, drinks and extortionate admission fees, so bring the party to your home – it is a lot more fun and affordable especially if you ask guests to bring an item of food or drink with them.

Make sure you check out Pinterest for lots of News Year’s Eve party inspiration.

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