Filorga Optim Eyes Patch | Express Anti Fatigue Eye Patches

30th December 2018

Filorga is a brand I’ve seen all over Instagram but I’d never tried myself and I didn’t even know where you could buy their products. Filorga was founded in 1978 by Michel Tordjman, a French doctor of aesthetic medicine, with a fascination for cellular biology. Before Botox took off, he developed hyaluronic acid-based injectable products for the medical profession and created NCTC, an anti-ageing mesotherapy product that subsequently became the brand’s best-selling NCTF product. Filorga can be found in M&S, Debenhams and Feelunique, and I’ve had the pleasure of trying the Filorga Optim Eyes Patch Express Anti Fatigue Eye Patches over the last few weeks.

Filorga Optim Eyes Patch Express Anti Fatigue Eye Patches

FILORGA Optim-Eyes Patch® Express Anti-Fatigue – Express Revitalizing Eye Patches with anti-darkcircles, anti-puffiness and anti-wrinkles effect. A triple action cool-effect patch to revitalize the eye area in 15 minutes only.

DARK CIRCLES: A stimulating active ingredient rich in polysaccharides and vitamin PP to lighten dark circles.
PUFFINESS: Energising peptides are combined with a duo to reduce eye bags.
WRINKLES: A relaxant molecule smoothes the skin to reveal visibly reduced eye wrinkles.

Filorga Optim Eyes Patch Express Anti Fatigue Eye Patches

I really love using eye masks and eye patches as I have very dark circles due to my anaemia and I also suffer with water retention so my eyes often look very puffy. I like how instant eye patches can be so I was excited to try the Filorga Optim Eyes Patch as they claim to treat dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Whilst wrinkles isn’t an issue for me right now, I’m up for trying anything that will help keep my skin looking youthful for as long as possible.

The Filorga Optim Eyes Patch set are £40 and the box contains eight packs of patches as well as a spatula for removing the patches from each tray. I admit £40 is a pricey outlay but it works out at £5 per set which I feel is a lot more reasonable when you break it down and I know I’m using them for special occasions or for when my eyes are in need of a treatment so they’re not the kind of product you’d use every single day.

Filorga Optim Eyes Patch Express Anti Fatigue Eye Patches Filorga Optim Eyes Patch Express Anti Fatigue Eye Patches

The Filorga Optim Eyes Patch are designed to be a fifteen minute treatment which will revitalise your under-eye area. To apply the gel patches, Filorga recommend using the spatula to gently lift the patch from the plastic tray and place under your eyes with the smaller more pointed end in the inner corner area of your eyes and the larger more rounded end placed towards the outside of your eye.

The patches adhere to the skin well during the treatment time and they don’t fall off or move like some eye patches can. Filorga do warn you can experience some mild tingling during use but I haven’t had any sensitivity issues or tingling and my skin’s very sensitive. They feel so cooling and refreshing and I can imagine they’d feel heavenly if you were to chill them in your fridge before use for an even better cooling and de-puffing effect.

Once I remove the patches, there’s a little residual serum left behind which I simply pat into the skin with my ring finger, and the first time I tried them I couldn’t believe how instant the results were. Firstly my puffiness had completely gone which I never expected. Depuffing treatments tend to reduce puffiness but the Filorga Optim Eyes Patch somehow deflated the puffiness completely for a perfectly smooth effect.

My dark circles have definitely faded and it wasn’t short-lived either, the darkness has definitely improved days after each treatment. I think these miracle patches would be insanely good for flights or travel as they give such significant instant results and they feel like such a treat. I’ve tried a lot of eye mask gel patches but the Filorga Optim Eyes Patch are definitely the most effective and I love that they make me look as if I’ve slept solidly for twelve hours when infact I’ve barely slept.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried anything from Filorga before? Do you have any product recommendations?

Filorga Optim Eyes Patch | Express Anti Fatigue Eye Patches 1
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