Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller

I have somewhat of a Pinterest obsession and one of my favourite things to pin are beauty tips onto my DIY Beauty board. One beauty ritual which I see very often on Pinterest is facial massage with jade rollers and I’ve never given it a try for myself so I was I was looking forward to give it a whirl with the new Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller. The Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller £18 is Gatineau‘s newest beauty tool and it only launched this month so I’m happy to be one of the first to try it especially as I’ve never tried a jade roller before.

Rolling smooth, cold jade stones over the skin has been done for centuries and is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine with jade rolling believed to have been practised by wealthy Chinese women as far back as the seventh century to promote and maintain health and beauty

Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller

The smooth rolling action of the White Jade Facial Roller helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and effectively massages skin and facial muscles boosting the elimination of toxins, firming the skin, relaxing wrinkles and easing tension. The naturally cool touch of White Jade soothes, de-puffs and tones.

Skin appears more even in tone and texture and clarity is improved. The occlusive effect of facial rolling allows the precious skincare ingredients of your favourite eye and face serums and creams to be trapped against your skin until they are fully absorbed.

Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller

I had no idea how to use the Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller properly but Gatineau have a really handy step by step guide so any of us can use it without any prior facialist experience. The roller can be used both morning or night after applying your skincare products, and Gatineau recommend repeating each of the actions three times:

  • Start at the base of your neck and roll upwards to the jawline working against gravity
  • From the middle of your chin make broad strokes with the roller out towards your ear
  • Roll from your jawline up towards the middle of your cheeks
  • Continue with the broad strokes from the side of the nose to the ear
  • Roll down the length of the nose
  • Roll out from the tear duct to the temple
  • Roll along the brow from the 3rd eye to the temple
  • Roll from the eyebrows up to your hairline
  • Finish by rolling from the middle of the forehead out towards the temples

The art of rolling and massaging the skin with the rollers revs up the blood and lymph flow which can effectively clear fluid, eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness and bring more oxygen to the skin surface improving cell turnover and skin tone. All this detoxing and increase in Chi (translated as vital energy) will lead to more luminosity, clarity, and glow in the complexion and keep it in the healthiest condition whilst the natural anti-inflammatory property of the white jade gemstone will also help to reduce redness and other signs of skin irritation.

Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller

I’ve got a few kidney problems and because of them my face has been looking very puffy, especially around the eye contour area so I was eager to try the Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller and see if it would help. The jade stay very cool regardless of the time of the day or temperature outside which feels so soothing and heavenly especially in the mornings.

I expected the roller to be £30+ like many jade rollers so I was surprised it was only £18 as it’s such a weighty and luxurious tool. I find the roller best applied after a facial oil or serum as it helps the roller glide over the skin, but once you’ve got your head around the different steps it becomes so quick and easy to include within your routine. Considering how much the roller significantly reduces my puffiness, it’s now a step I can’t miss within my routine.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried a jade roller before?

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