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Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set

Morphe recently launched their Turn It Up Holiday Collection and it’s such a beautiful collection which I don’t feel is traditionally festive and what you’d expect from a Christmas collection.

The collection consists of the following products; 15S Social Butterfly Eyeshadow Palette, Molten Magic 12 Piece Lip Gloss Set, The Bling Fling Brush Set, 15T Your True Selfie Artistry Eyeshadow Palette, Glitter Fever Metallic Eyeshadows, Grand Masters 20 Piece Brush Collection, two smaller brush collections, the Stellar Impact Highlighter Palette, Metallic Heat Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadows, four lip trio sets and an eyeliner set.

I featured a selection of the Morphe Holiday Collection on my blog previously and today I have the Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set to show you with swatches.

Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set Review and Swatches

Work your magic with this ultra-glossy dream team of 12 glistening hues. Pop ‘em on your bare lips for a hint of glint or layer over lipstick for a customized look that’ll leave them completely speechless.

Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set Review and Swatches

The Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set £29 contains twelve x 2ml lip glosses in a mixture of cream and shimmer finishes. The tubes each have clear bases, and matte black plastic lids with a flattened doefoot applicator.

I was really excited about this set as I have the Morphe Lip Gloss in the shade Boho and I really love the formula and opacity, and the full size glosses are £9 for 4.5ml of product so £29 for twelve 2ml tubes is really good value as it works out at about £48 of product.

Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set Review and SwatchesMorphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set Review and Swatches

Alchemy – gold with peach and pink shift.

Abracadabra – iridescent nude pink with pink, purple, red and blue sparkle.

Fortune Teller – shimmering peachy gold.

Enchanting – dusky pink with silver and gold sparkle.

Hypnotised – iridescent mauve with purple, pink and blue sparkle.

Charm – white pearl with greeny gold shift.

Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set Review and Swatches Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set Review and Swatches

Bewitched – metallic cranberry with red shimmer.

Jinx – iridescent pale lilac with blue, red and purple sparkle.

Mind Reader – metallic copper with golden sparkle.

Mesmerise – beige nude with purple, red and silver sparkle.

Séance – metallic bronze with gold and purple sparkle.

Beguiling – shimmering light pink with silver, red, gold and purple sparkle.

For each set of swatches I included a macro shot to show you how incredibly multidimensional each of the shades are, especially the shades which are loaded with sparkle. These glosses are the sparkliest glosses I’ve ever tried and they just look amazing on the lips. You can layer them over any lip colour you want, or your bare lips and they add such an amazing shine with super pretty sparkle.

My favourite three shades would have to be Fortune Teller, Abracadabra and Jinx as they’re the most multidimensional and unique. My least favourite would be Séance as it’s a little too dark and brown for my liking, but you can apply all of the shades more sparingly for a more subtle effect.

All twelve swatches are two swipes of each of the two sides of the doefoot applicator so I could really show the many different shimmer and sparkle particles, but just one swipe gives a much more muted effect. This is such an amazing set of shades and I am going to get so much wear out of them as I love the non-sticky formula which wears nicely on the lips.

If you have friends to buy for this Christmas, you could buy this set and divide the glosses between them to get multiple gifts from the one set but be prepared to not want to give any away once you see the beautiful, non-gritty sparkle for yourself in real life.

I’d love to know which of the shades within the Morphe Molten Magic Lip Gloss Set is your favourite?