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TIGI Copyright Custom Care Smooth Booster and Shine Booster

If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll know TIGI are my absolute favourite haircare brand. I have so many of their products in my haircare collection and whenever they launch a new product or range, I’m instantly intrigued. So imagine my excitement when TIGI launched their brand new TIGI Copyright Custom Care Collection.

With TIGI products you can purchase them online from many retailers, but the new TIGI Copyright Custom Care range is a salon exclusive collection so you’ll have to head to your local TIGI stocking salon to be able to get your hands on the lovely products. You can however find out all about the range on their website. I have two products from the collection

TIGI Copyright Custom Care Smooth Booster and Shine Booster

The TIGI Copyright Care’s personalised hair care programme features tailor made products for you to take home to mix with your conditioner, to give hair an added boost of strength. There’s even a Copyright tool which hair professionals can access to create the custom care and colour programme for their clients.

The products within the TIGI Copyright range is divided into two categories; salon use products and take home products, and then within the two categories there’s a few different sub ranges such as Custom Create, Custom Care and Custom Create. I have two products from the take home range and I’ve been trialling them over the last few weeks so I could report back…

TIGI Copyright Custom Care Smooth Booster and Shine Booster TIGI Copyright Custom Care Smooth Booster and Shine Booster

TIGI Copyright Custom Care Smooth Booster 90ml £16

“Boost your salon smooth finish with Shield Lipid Complex ™. Enriched with 18MEA-40, designed to replenish the lipids that are lost from the cuticle through heat styling, this genius treatment seals in moisture. Infused with bamboo extract it provides anti-humidity and frizz fighting benefits.”

  • Infused with Bamboo Extract, Custom Care™ Smooth Booster provides anti-humidity and frizz fighting benefits. Hair is left easier to style and more manageable
  • Hair is hydrated, up to 54% smoother and easier to manage and maintain.
  • Hydrated and moisturised hair

TIGI Copyright Custom Care Smooth Booster and Shine Booster TIGI Copyright Custom Care Smooth Booster and Shine Booster

TIGI Copyright Custom Care Shine Booster 90ml £16

“Boost cuticle reflection with this specially formulated treatment. The exclusive oil blend with coconut oil and cassia leaf oil, known for high shine properties, treats the dulling effects of colouring and styling. Expect glossy movement, vibrant colour and light reflecting shine after just one use.”

  • The natural oils nourish and condition the hair and help to perfectly align the strands next to each other, allowing for better light reflection and the ultimate boost of shine
  • Expect glossy movement and reflective shine in all hair types
  • Giving the hair a shinier and smoother finish.

These treatments are designed for those with dull, dry, frizzy, damaged or colour treated hair and they recommend applying 6-12 pumps depending on the length of your hair into your diagnosed Custom Care Conditioner in your palms, and work through the mid-lengths to ends, leave for 5 minutes and rinse out. Now I don’t own any of the other Copyright products so I haven’t been able to mix my boosters with the conditioner but they do work on their own with your existing conditioners.

I imagine the results are more intensive when used with the Copyright Conditioner but I’ve mixed both boosters with different conditioners and they’ve worked really well so don’t worry if you only buy one of the Boosters and no Conditioner. 

Firstly both of these Boosters smell flipping amazing. TIGI always have the most amazingly scented products anyway but these are both next level, and I know this is such a weird description for a scent but they smell expensive.

TIGI offer really effective products which aren’t going to break the bank, but these are professional products whilst being relatively affordable and they smell as if they could be on a shelf of Oribe products as the smell is insane. Scents aren’t everything but these two Boosters linger in the hair for a full 24 hours so you want your hair to smell good, and boy do these leave my hair smelling amazing.

I have to admit I haven’t seen a massive difference between them both so I think you could perhaps opt for one rather than both, as they both make my hair exceptionally soft and shiny. I haven’t tried using either of them on their own without mixing them but I do wonder how they’d perform, but they have a cream conditioner-like consistency and I just use my fingertip to mix them into my chosen conditioner.

They’re really easy to use and I love how they leave my hair, and whilst I didn’t expect it I feel like they help to tame my frizzy baby hairs too. Next time I’m at the salon I’ll definitely ask about the other salon based Copyright products as I’d really like to try them in the future.

Let me know your favourite TIGI product in the comments below?