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Winky Lux So Extra Velvet Plush Mascara

I have somewhat of a beauty confession to make. I have never tried anything from Winky Lux before and I had no idea where you could even get their products here in the UK. I’ve seen so much buzz surrounding Winky Lux on social media but I’d never tried anything until getting my hands on the Winky Lux So Extra Velvet Plush Mascara £15 and I was really surprised to learn that Debenhams stock the Winky Lux brand.

Winky Lux So Extra Velvet Plush Mascara

Not your basic lash lengthener. This velvety mascara brings all the boys to the yard. Warning: 94% saw extreme lengthening when using this product.

Winky Lux So Extra Velvet Plush Mascara

The Winky Lux So Extra Velvet Plush Mascara’s description is only a few words which is rare for a mascara as brands tend to write quite lengthy product descriptions for mascaras. The packaging however contains lots of product claims and I couldn’t wait to try it. My lashes are very short and very straight so I need all the lengthening effects I can get as you can’t see my lashes when looking straight at me.

I would love a mascara that delivers amazing length, incredible volume and intense drama but no mascara ever offers all three so length is definitely the mascara trait I look for. I really like the purple and gold packaging, it’s so vibrant compared to the usual black tubes brands use for their mascaras and the gold foil eyes on the lid are really cute.

Winky Lux So Extra Velvet Plush Mascara

The first time I took the Winky Lux So Extra Velvet Plush Mascara out of the box, and unscrewed the lid I have to be honest I was a little underwhelmed by the wand. It’s pretty plain in its design with a straight brush which gently tapers towards the tip. The wand is made from natural bristles which is always my preference, but it just didn’t look very special or capable of delivering results.

Appearances can be seriously deceptive. If I’d seen this wand in a store, I’d never have bought it as I like my natural bristle wands to be quite thick and fluffy as I feel like they work best for my lashes. The bristles of the wand are really close together which evenly coats the lashes really well without overloading the lashes, or creating clumps.

The slim brush gently coats the lower lashes without transferring onto the skin, and the wand reminds me of a slightly thicker version of the MAC Gigablack Lash Mascara. This mascara gives great results in just one single coat, but it layers nicely should you want a more dramatic lash. The percentages on the packaging show 96% of those tested experienced no flaking, 95% saw visible lift, 94% saw extreme lengthening whilst 100% saw instant and buildable volume.

I don’t get any flaking, I do notice a subtle lift to my lashes and I definitely notice an improvement in the length of my lashes. I was really surprised that this mascara is £15 as I expected it to be higher priced as the packaging and branding is pretty luxe but it’s such a great mascara and it’s become my go-to favourite for both everyday, or when I want more intense and dramatic lashes.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried anything from Winky Lux before?

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