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10th January 2019

One of my favourite things about starting a new year, is being able to start a new planner with a fresh start for the year ahead. I usually buy myself an A5 diary as a planner, but I’ve started 2019 with the Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker which I couldn’t wait to feature here on my blog. I’m always super organised when it comes to my blog as I post every day, so I have to keep on top of the admin side of things so the Effici Productivity Planner looked like a really great way to plan content ahead but also organise things on a day to day basis such as photo taking and social media.

Effici are an UK based company designed to help you achieve your personal and business goals. The Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker is their flagship product and it’s a quarterly subscription service that delivers tools we can use to help optimise our time management and achieve goals.

The pack comes with a no hassle guarantee and can be cancelled at any time. In addition to the subscription service, they also offer techniques on self development via their YouTube channel enabling you to get the most out of their planner and habit tracker. The quarterly subscription is £20 per quarter, but you can save money when purchasing the bi-yearly or yearly subscription package too.

Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker

The Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker I have to show you today, is what you’d receive each quarter and I’m so impressed with how well made it is. It’s got an A4 hardback design with a black textured card cover with the simple, sleek Effici logo on the front.

Inside the planner there’s a forest green, satin page marker allowing you to find the page you want quickly. Inside the planner, the pages are categorised into three sections; Monthly Planner, Weekly Planner and Daily Planner.

There are three ‘monthly’ planner pages, five ‘weekly’ planner pages and then the rest of the planner are ‘daily’ planner pages. I like that these three sections exist so you can plan ahead for the whole quarter, and break your plans down to day / week / month. I think this aspect is particularly useful for bloggers as I like to think ahead when content planning and this planner makes it super easy to jump to each section you need.

Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker

The first part of the Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker is the Monthly Planner page. It’s very simple like the rest of the planner with the top section having a space for you to write the month, and then there’s a column section for you to plan the five weeks ahead. There is an obvious typo within my planner as there’s two ‘week 3’ sections, so fingers crossed this is just a one off error within my planner.

The column section is for creating blocks within the weeks with what you want to achieve over the quarter but the planner comes with guide example pages to show you how the sections can be used, which is very useful. We then have the ‘Monthly Goals’ section allowing you three spaced to write what specific goals you want to nail within the month.

Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker

Moving onto the Weekly Planner pages, we have a gap at the top to write the date for the week you’re planning for. The page is then sectioned into columns for the seven days of the week, which is where I’ll plan thing such as photograph sessions, blog admin etc. The last section of the page is divided into three final sections – three weekly goals, any lessons learnt during the week and a place for you to think about ways in which you can improve.

Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker

The rest of the Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker are the Daily Planner pages which are the only pages which give you a double page spread. You write the date at the top of the page, then we have an hourly planner where you can jot down meetings or appointments, followed by a daily goals section which is where I do my to-do list for the day as I can check things off as I do them.

At the bottom of the first of the two pages, there’s a scoring system for how productive you’ve been which I like as I can see when I’ve perhaps procrastinated a little too much on Pinterest so I can try and focus the following day. The opposite page is a very useful lined section so you can write notes, or brainstorm ideas.

I like that the planner doesn’t have set dates printed anywhere so you could pick this planner up in the middle of February and start from there, without wasting pages like you would with a dated planner.

You can also keep it to just working days too, which would make it last even longer. It’s so thorough in its design, and really does help to keep you organised and I find myself being inspired to be productive so I can give myself a decent rating within the productivity score section. I love anything that can help me with my organisation, and I think the Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker is a great organisational tool.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker?

Effici Productivity Planner + Habit Tracker 1
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