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Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel

Lime Crime have had somewhat of a controversial past with scandal and drama, but since 2016 their scandals have reduced since their founder Doe Deere relinquished control and is no longer the brand’s CEO. I hadn’t tried anything from them in a few years but I did try a few of their products last year and liked what I’d tried especially the Venus III Palette.

When Lime Crime announced their brow range, I was instantly sold and I bought both of the Lime Crime Bushy Brow products and couldn’t wait to try them. Today I have the Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel to show you, and I’ll have my review of the Bushy Brow Pen very soon.

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel Review and Swatches in Smokey

The Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel is £18 contains 3.5ml and is available from Cult Beauty. There are six tinted shades within the range as well as Crystal Clear which is a clear option. My favourite tinted brow gel is Benefit Gimme Brow but the price has really shot up over the years.

When Gimme Brow launched in 2014 it was £16 and now it’s £20.50 so I’m hunting for an alternative that offers similar results so I had high hopes for the Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel. From the shades on offer, I went for the deepest; Smokey after seeing some really good swatches on DupeThat’s Instagram.

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel Review and Swatches in Smokey

We know you’re loving the bushy brow as much as we are! We tailor-made a tinted brow gel just for this voluminous, textured look. A long-lasting eyebrow mascara gel with a super-strong hold. It shapes, separates, lifts, and sets brows in place all day. 

We custom-designed a mini but mighty spoolie to coat each hair with the precise amount of product. Brush brows up for feathery fullness and it will hold those hairs mid air. With our vegan eyebrow gel, brows stand up and stay up! Now you can have bushy brows whether you were #blessed with them or not. 

What it does: Shapes voluminous, bushy brows in a stroke. Tints, tames, adds texture. Holds brows up and keeps them up with super-strong yet flexible formula.

What it won’t do: Feel crunchy. Lose shape or flake off. Give you overdone, fake insta-brows.

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel Review and Swatches in Smokey

The Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel has a super narrow and slim brush with natural bristles which are spaced apart with big gaps. I’ve never seen a brow gel as fine, and narrow as this before which is what appealed as it looked so promising for evenly coating the brow hairs without smudging product all over the skin. I included the wand against my finger so you could see how minute the brush is, it really is tiny.

I do love Gimme Brow but the wand becomes saturated with product within only a couple of weeks of opening a new one and it can be a little messy so I was hopeful that this brush style might be a little better. I do naturally have quite full brows but tinted brow gels are my everyday go-to product for when I want definition and hold, but I also like to use them for finishing off my brows if I’ve used powder, pens, gels or pomades too.

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel Review and Swatches in Smokey

Smokey is a really good dark brown with a cool undertone, and it reminds me of Benefit’s shade 5. If you want to see the brow gel in action, there are lots of photos people have sent in on the Lime Crime website with over 270+ reviews. It’s an amazing brow gel for setting the brows with all day hold without ever feeling crunchy or stiff.

The wand deposits a very light coating of the gel onto the brow hairs without catching the skin and it’s so hard to go overboard as it is such a fine, narrow wand. The colour matches my brows so well, it doesn’t look like I’m wearing product within my brows – it just looks natural.

If you like a more intense Instagram brow, I don’t think the Lime Crime Bushy Brow Gel will be your thing, but if you like your brows to look naturally good, I cannot recommend it enough and when used with the matching brow pen, they’re a match made in heaven…

Have you tried either of the Lime Crime Bushy Brow products?

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