Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box

There are so many different subscription boxes to choose from within the UK including beauty, food, books, gadgets, spirits, stationery and much, much more. I’ve featured a lot of beauty boxes here on my blog, but today I’m going to talk about the Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box. The Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box is a UK based subscription service which allows you to receive a box per month, and you can choose to pay monthly, three monthly, six monthly or annually depending on your needs. The Pink Parcel monthly fee is £12.99 and that includes free UK delivery with a no strings attached contract so you can cancel anytime.

Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box

Pink Parcel promises over £40 worth of sanitary protection and beauty products in every box. Each box is guaranteed to contain your femcare products (sanitary towels and/or tampons), a sachet of herbal tea, a sweet treat, seasonal surprises and more. The box itself is designed to fit through most letterboxes which is a great idea as you don’t have to wait indoors ready to intercept deliveries or get red carded for missed deliveries.

I’ve never tried the Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box myself, but I have been very nicely offered the chance to review the box a couple of times but unfortunately it’s not something which would work for me as my periods are a nightmare but it’s a brilliant concept if you do have standard monthly periods.

How does the Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box work?

  • When subscribing, you’re offered three types of box; a tampons box, a sanitary pads box or a mixed box allowing you to choose which type of box suits your personal needs.
  • When choosing a ‘tampons box’ you’re then asked to select the absorbency required; Lite, Regular, Super, Super Plus or Multi should you want a mixture of different absorbencies.
  • After selecting the absorbency of tampon you need, you can then choose one of four brands; Lil-lets, Tampax Compak, Tampax Multi or Tampax Pearl.
  • When choosing a ‘pads box’ you’re then asked to select the type you want; Normal, Normal with Wings, Long and Long with Wings.
  • You can then choose the brand of your sanitary pads; Always Infinity, Always Ultra, Bodyform Ultra and Bodyform Ultra Long Deo Fresh.
  • Every parcel comes with 5 liners, 5 night pads plus your chosen essentials
  • You can choose a delivery date which is helpful should you have regular periods so you can ensure your box arrives in time for the start of your period.

How many pads or tampons will I receive in my Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box?

  • Tampon Parcel – 18 tampons, 0 pads, 5 night pads and 5 liners.
  • Pads Parcel – 0 tampons, 15 pads, 5 night pads and 5 liners.
  • Tampon & Pads Mixed Parcel – 11 tampons, 7 pads, 5 night pads and 5 liners.

Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box

Inside the box there are three separate cardboard boxes and a drawstring bag. The drawstring bag contains some supplies for your handbag so you’re never caught short, in a nice conspicuous bag. Then you have a box ‘for night’ containing your night protection products, and ‘for later’ contains your other sanitary protection products.

The last box may be the most exciting as it’s the ‘for you’ box described as a little something to cheer you up. In this box you’ll find your treats for that month including beauty products, your tea sample and sweet treat.

In addition to the Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box, the brand also offers the Betty Box which is designed for girls aged between 11-16, and the products within the ‘for you’ box are catered towards a younger audience.

I think this is a fab idea as I remember how mortified I was when I started my period, so to have a box like this when getting used to having periods would have been really great and the Betty box has a brighter, more colourful design.

You can sign up to Pink Parcel here.

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