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Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette

2018 was the year of the collaboration for Makeup Revolution with a total of ten separate collaborations. In all honesty it’s been a bit OTT, especially when in the Summer there were collaborations announced within days/weeks of eachother and I know from the conversations I’ve had via Instagram with readers, you’ve also found it to be too overwhelming. On one hand I think it’s great that an affordable brand are collaborating with bloggers and YouTubers but ten collabs in such a short amount of time is a lot.

Mid May saw the Tammi collab and the Carmi collab within days of eachother, early June saw the second SophDoesNails collab, Mid July was Kisu and Maxineczka, early August was Imogenation and EmilyNoel83 very close together, early September was PetraLovelyHair, then October saw the Belle Jorden and Nath collabs. From all of the collabs on offer, I only bought the Soph Extra Spice Palette, EmilyNoel83 The Wants Palette, Petra’s Palette and the Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette.

Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette

The Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette is £10 and contains fifteen powder eyeshadows weighing 1.10g each. This palette is the first collaboration palette launched under the Revolution Pro brand, and is in collaboration with Natalia Siwiec; a Polish Instagrammer and model known for glamorous makeup looks. I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of Natalia before but that’s the whole point of the Revolution collaborations as they’re introducing ‘influencers’ to new audiences.

The Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette is different to any of the other collabs as this is a limited edition launch, and I don’t know why it’s limited edition and the others aren’t. It somehow doesn’t seem fair that Natalia’s palette isn’t a permanent product within their collab range whilst every other collab they’ve launched is permanent.

Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette

Starting off I hate to be so negative but this packaging of this palette is horrible. I’m absolutely fine with cardboard packaging for palettes, especially when they’re as slim and compact as this palette as it takes up very little room. The issue of this palette is the awful lid.

There’s no mirror firstly, which is strange considering Revolution include a mirror in every single eyeshadow palette they do and the price is the same as the other non-mirror containing collaboration palettes. The Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette launched alongside an Highligher and Contour Palette too, and both palettes are mirrorless. The lack of mirror isn’t what I hate though, the lid is a cardboard flap.

Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette

The lid doesn’t stay open whatever you do and you have to physically hold it open whilst you use it. You can’t pull it back or rest something heavy on it, so you have to hold the lid open with one hand, and then one hand with your brush within your chosen shade.

You can’t hold a mirror and your brush when using these shades and it’s so frustrating. I really hope this cardboard design isn’t used going forward as I wouldn’t purchase whatever has this packaging as it’s not worth the hassle. I like to be able to see my shades whilst applying my eyeshadow so I feel inspired but you can’t look at the shades unless you physically hold the lid back with your hand.

Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette

Classy – champagne shimmer
Radiant – matte dark beige
Sand – matte cream
Superb – matte coral
Sketch – foiled copper shimmer
Lovely – matte warm mid brown
Mesmeric – duo chrome soft pink and gold shimmer
Striking – duo chrome burgundy and lilac shimmer
Mystery – matte muted lilac
Darling – duo chrome copper and pink shimmer
Satin – matte warm terracotta
Era – matte black
Choice – matte pink beige
Blend – matte terracotta
Espresso – matte cool deep brown

The formula of the shadows is really nice and they have the same consistency as the more recent I Heart Revolution Chocolate Palettes. The matte shades have great pigmentation and I like that there are a good mix of lighter and deeper mattes in both warm and cool tones. The shimmers are good, but the three duochrome shades; Mesmeric, Striking and Darling are standouts within the palette and make the shimmers look a little lacklustre in comparison.

From the stock photos, I thought this palette was a dupe for the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette especially with the red coloured packaging and whilst some of the shades are similar, it’s not a Jeffree Star Palette dupe. The mattes in particular do create a lot of fallout which isn’t something I usually experience with Revolution shadows, and although this palette was launched under Revolution, the formula is not superior to their standard Revolution and I Heart Revolution brands.

For £10 it’s a nice palette, but if you want something that’s more impressive, I’d recommend the Petra Palette which is £12 for 36 shades or the original SophDoesNails Palette which is the best quality collaboration palette Revolution have done so far and it’s also £10.

Have you tried the Revolution Pro x NATH Eyeshadow Palette?

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