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Studio By Silentnight Pillow Review

Last year, my sleep was completely revolutionised by my Leesa Mattress which still has to be one of my favourite discoveries of 2018. I don’t think I could ever go back to having a spring mattress again after having the divine comfort of a complex layered foam mattress. My mattress is still as amazing as it was the day it arrived, but I realised I needed to upgrade my pillows. Until very recently, I’d used two Silentnight Soft Touch Pillows which were quite thin and not offering the necessary support I needed.

Being 5 foot 11, I definitely notice a difference in how stiff I am in the mornings when my pillows need replacing as they’re just not offering me the adequate support I need. I’m a side sleeper and I like a firm pillow but I find it so hard to choose which high quality pillows I needed.

After the boring task of researching pillows, I came across the Studio By Silentnight Pillow and it sounded perfect so I took the plunge and ordered it. I couldn’t find many reviews of it online, so I thought I’d do one incase anyone else was interested in the Studio By Silentnight Pillow and I thought now would be the perfect time to publish my review as my new favourite pillowcase is on my blog tomorrow.

Studio By Silentnight Pillow

I can’t recall ever seeing any adverts or promo for the Studio By Silentnight Pillow £49, which is crazy considering the Studio By Silentnight range is their more luxe range with mattresses and the pillow. What really impressed me with this pillow, is that it gives you the option to fully customise your pillow.

It has a zipped, luxurious, knitted protective case and inside there are three removable pillow pads allowing you to add as many as you want to get your desired height and comfort. The pillow is designed to accommodate those that are side sleepers (like me), back sleepers or front sleepers, and the three removable pillow pads are; soft, medium and firm in terms of firmness.

How does the Studio By Silentnight Pillow work?

The Studio features 3 removable pillow pads that sit within a luxurious knitted cover: one that’s slim and soft, one that has a medium thickness and one that’s firmer.

You can then mix and match various combinations of the pillow pads to create the perfect pillow height and comfort level for you. Check out the diagrams below to see how it works:

Studio By Silentnight Pillow

Softer combination suitable for front sleepers. Use either pad 1, 2 or 3.

Studio By Silentnight Pillow

Medium combination suitable for back sleepers. Use a combination of pads 1 & 2, or pads 1 & 3.

Studio By Silentnight Pillow

Firmer combination suitable for side sleepers. Use a combination of pads 2 & 3, or pads 1, 2 & 3.

Studio By Silentnight Pillow

The Studio By Silentnight Pillow is machine washable, comes with a two year guarantee and the knitted cover anti-allergy, so it combats allergies and irritants for a truly refreshing sleep. It arrives at your door in a grey cardboard box and comes with the three inserts inside so it does look pretty huge initially I have to admit.

The case has a good quality zip and the inserts feel like mini hollowfibre pillows inside. The outer case has a textured, almost stitched effect and the pillow inserts are individually numbered 1, 2 or 3.

As a side sleeper, I find the three inserts at the same time a little too much as it’s so raised, but I imagine in the month’s to come, the height will be less dramatic as the fibres become more compressed with time so I use insert two and three together for the time being. I no longer need two thin, hollowfibre pillows as the one Studio By Silentnight Pillow more than suffices.

I find the pillow to be very comfortable and it retains its shape really well but I do think £49 is quite pricey for a mattress that contains no memory foam or gel. It’s a clever concept and it’s ideal for when you have a cold and you want to be able to elevate your head whilst you sleep to keep your nose as clear as possible, as you can just add an extra insert but the inserts don’t feel any unique to an ordinary pillow albeit a lot thinner.

I ordered mine from Amazon where it’s better than half price for £19.99 and for £20 I think it’s a brilliant pillow and one I’d wholeheartedly recommend, but I wouldn’t pay more than £20 for a pillow that doesn’t contain any type of foam or gel as you’re just paying for fibres.

*All images in this post are taken from the Silentnight website and are not my images. I couldn’t get decent photos of the white pillow under my studio lights and feel Silenight’s images give a better representation of the three customisable inserts.

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