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Four years ago, I discovered the Tweezerman Tweezermate Light Up Mirror and it totally transformed my brow routine. It’s a miniature sized mirror with a x10 magnification with an handy little light at the top which was amazing for lighting up the brow area for easy tweezing. I’ve used my Tweezerman Tweezermate Mirror religiously every single day for four years so when it stopped working in December I was seriously gutted. I believe the bulb had died but when you consider I’d used it at least twice a day for four years solid, it’s amazing that the £18 mirror lasted for as long as it did with only needing a battery change once a year. My old mirror was small and compact, but Tweezerman have a few light-up mirrors to choose from now and one of their newest additions is the Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror £36.

Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror Review - Mirror with three light settings

The Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror is so much bigger than my old mirror which would fit in my palm which really surprised me. I couldn’t see any specifications online but it’s definitely not the kind of mirror you’d be able to carry around in an average sized makeup bag, but I prefer to leave it at home and have a small mirror in my makeup bag as I rarely need to tweeze on the go.

The mirror is really unique as it has a light up ability, but not just any lights. The mirror has three different lighting options; cool toned bright indoor light, natural day light and warm toned low evening night which is just amazing and something I’ve never seen before in a mirror.

Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror Review - Mirror with three light settingsTweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror Review - Mirror with three light settings

The Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror features a little switch at the base which you can use to select which lighting option you want, but of course you can use it without any light too. One of my favourite features of this mirror, is its adjustable base.

The back of the mirror pulls out and acts as a stand so you can tilt the mirror at whichever angle you prefer which is just so handy as I don’t need to hold my mirror with one hand, and my tweezers with another.

You can have the mirror standing up at a 90 degree angle, or just lightly tilted as shown above and it stands up on any surface too. Obviously the mirror can be used for anything and not just tweezing so the stand is ideal when applying liner or mascara and you’d rather have two hands instead of trying to hold your mirror up whilst applying makeup.

Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror Review - Mirror with three light settings

It was really hard to photograph the three light types as my camera automatically corrects itself but the first photo shows the cool toned bright indoor light, the middle is natural day light whilst the third is warm toned low evening light.

The mirror is such a great size and it doesn’t offer any magnification but you could use a magnifying mini mirror with suction pads, and then stick the pads onto the Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror to take advantage of the stand and three different lights.

I do wish the mirror had a degree of magnification but the lights in all three settings are very bright and effective, so they do a great job at highlighting the brows. For tweezing my brows I prefer to use the first, cool toned light but the daylight and evening light are so good for applying your makeup, especially when checking if you’ve blended your foundation down your neck.

We’ve all been there where we’ve applied makeup at home, got into the car and looked at the flip down mirror and been horrified by foundation tide marks – this mirror stops that from happening which makes me very happy indeed.

The Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror is such a fantastic upgrade on my Tweezermate mirror in every way, and I really do think Tweezerman make the best cosmetic mirrors as well as being the best tweezer brand.

Have you tried any of the Tweezerman mirrors before?

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