Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes Review

I’ve really enjoyed trying the Unicorn Cosmetics products over the last couple of months, and today I have a couple of the Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes which are part of their original range of brushes. Unicorn Cosmetics are a fun and whimsical brand with the cutest branding, and they were the original brand that created unicorn horn brushes. I’ve tried a fair few rip off versions of unicorn brushes such as the Revolution Unicorn Brushes and now I’ve tried the original Unicorn Makeup Brushes, I can confirm that the quality just doesn’t even come close.

Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes ft Whisp Me Away and Buff Up Review

The Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes are available in both face and eye brushes, and I’ve already reviewed the Unicorn Cosmetics Class of 86 Eye Brush Set. The face brushes can be purchased individually, as a set of face brushes or you can purchase a full set of both the eye and face brushes within the cutest diamond shaped brush case. I always assumed that the Unicorn Cosmetics brushes were super pricey as the packaging and design was so ornate but they’re amazingly affordable and they’re cruelty free, and vegan too which is always a bonus.

Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes ft Whisp Me Away and Buff Up Review Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes ft Whisp Me Away and Buff Up Review

The first of my Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes is the Whisp Me Away Powder Brush £11.49. Both of the brushes I have from the face range, come in confetti coloured plastic tubes complete with a pom pom charm. So much thought and effort has gone into the design of these brushes and I expected them to be £20+ each because of how well made they are. This brush is designed for powder application with a newly enhanced copper ferrule. The bristles are shaped into a tapered, rounded head without being too dense so it applies and dusts powder over the face nicely. The tapered shape also lends itself well for contouring, highlighter or blush/bronzer application too.

Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes ft Whisp Me Away and Buff Up Review Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes ft Whisp Me Away and Buff Up Review

Next up is the Unicorn Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes Buff Up Foundation Brush £11.99 which also comes in its own pretty tube. Designed for the application of foundation, the bristles are cut into a flat top kabuki style for buffing in your base makeup. The flat top design of the bristles, really highlights the beautiful rainbow coloured bristles and the bristles are densely packed for flawless application. This brush feels so weighty compared to the powder brush as it contains so many bristles.

The handles of the brushes are truly stunning, with a twisted tapered unicorn horn style and the handle is coated with a beautiful iridescent finish which really catches the light. The unicorn horn design may look gimmicky, but they’re actually great to hold and they look so pretty within my makeup brush collection. I’m eyeing up their Sassy Doll and Royale Sets next as I’d love to own a whole collection of their beautiful brushes in their super pretty cases. If you haven’t tried anything from Unicorn Cosmetics yet, I feel like their Unicorn Brushes are a great starting point and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their quality.

Have you ever tried anything from Unicorn Cosmetics before?


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