Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask

Face masks are my favourite skincare product to apply and I often apply at least a leave on, overnight type of face mask to my skin everyday. I have very dry skin so I favour more hydrating formulas to help me recoup any lost moisture and improve the texture of my dry patches. I was recently introduced to the Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask, and Daytox is a new brand on my beauty radar but they had me sold with the words “hydrating” and “glow”.

Daytox are a certified detox brand and 100% vegan, and their products contain the active Detox ingredient ‘BioDtox’ as well as precious oils such as meadowfoam and amaranth oil. Daytox intensifies the natural detox processes of the skin. Dermatological tests prove that Daytox provides a radiant and fresher complexion.

Their unique active ingredient complex of aloe vera, broccoli and citrus strengthens the human body’s defenses and inhibits the formation of free radicals, and the skin is protected from oxidative stress. The majority of the Daytox products are produced in Germany, and the products are free of silicones, parabens and artificial colours.

Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask - DIY Peel Off Mask Review

The SOS solution for tired-looking skin. Our Hydrating Glow Mask gives your complexion an instant rosy freshness. Enriched with vitamins, minerals and Hyaluron, the alginate mask provides your skin with valuable moisture and maintains it supple tenderness. After application, the skin appears firmer and smoother and receives a refreshed and radiant appearance. No matter how long the night before was.

Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask - DIY Peel Off Mask Review

Inside the cardboard pot there’s a sachet of powder, a wooden spatula for mixing and a mini instruction booklet with photos showing you step by step how to use the mask. There is also an handy YouTube video showing you the process too which I always find helpful when trying a new type of product. The Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask is a DIY face mask which you have to mix yourself, and I’ve done this previously with the Bliss Mask-a-Peel Masks, however they were a little too harsh for my sensitive skin so I was a little apprehensive about trying this peel off mask incase it again was a little too harsh.

The Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask is £15 and available from Ocado here in the UK, or the Daytox website. It is a one use mask so I do feel the price is a little high for a single use product, but after trying it myself I have been wowed by the instant improvement to my skin. To mix the mask you empty the sachet of lilac coloured powder into the pot and add four tablespoons of water, and there’s a marker on the side so you can ensure you don’t overfill with water as it’s important to get the right consistency for the mask to set.

Once you’ve added the water, you mix the mixture with the wooden spatula until the liquid has thickened and become lump free. It does take a couple of minutes for the mixture to thicken, and I’d recommend waiting as long as possible for it to thicken as it’s a lot less messy to apply the thicker it is. I tried applying it to my skin whilst it was still quite runny and it just dripped off my face.

Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask - DIY Peel Off Mask Review

It’s a messy face mask to apply so it’s one I’d recommend applying over the sink as it will drop off the face. If I was to do this Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask again, I would use a brush to apply it rather than the wooden spatula as I feel like it would give me a little more control and reduce the drips. You need to ensure there’s a nice, thick layer of the mask as it’ll make it easier to peel off. It only takes ten minutes to dry, and once it dries it looks and feels like rubber which is easy to peel off.

The reason the Bliss masks were too much for me, was how they pulled peach fuzz off but this mask is so considerably more gentle and doesn’t pull at the skin whatsoever. Once you’ve peeled it off there’s a little residual white powder on the edges of where the mask has been but once it’s dried it’s not at all messy to remove.

As I’d never heard of Daytox before, I had no preconceived ideas about how effective their products were but I really was wowed by the difference the Daytox Hydrating Glow Mask made to my skin in just ten minutes.

It’s the kind of mask I’d love to use the night before a special occasion if I want my skin to look and feel its best but I do wonder if you’d be able to use half the powder and apply a thinner layer to get two uses, although I imagine the results wouldn’t be so dramatic as they are when using the whole pot. After using the mask my skin was left extremely smooth, hydrated and as if I’d had a facial, and it really did blow me away with how effective it was for a peel off mask.

Have you ever tried anything from Daytox before?

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