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L’Occitane Rose Collection

L'Occitane Rose Collection with their L'Occitane Rose Eau de Toilette and L'Occitane Rose Burst of Cheerfulness Fragranced Water

Just in time for Spring, L’Occitane have launched a beautiful Rose collection featuring fragrances, bath and body products. I couldn’t think of a more perfectly timed collection, especially with Mother’s Day on the horizon as the collection includes some gift-worthy gift sets which are beautifully packaged just like the rest of the L’Occitane gifting range.

I have two pieces from the L’Occitane Rose Collection, which is available now on their website and I have two of their different fragrances. The main product within the L’Occitane Rose Collection is the Rose Eau de Toilette, but very cleverly they’ve launched three Fragrant Waters which can be used alone, or layered over the Eau de Toilette for a truly customised scent.

L'Occitane Rose Collection with their L'Occitane Rose Eau de Toilette and L'Occitane Rose Burst of Cheerfulness Fragranced Water

L’Occitane Rose Eau de Toilette 50ml £49

Rose Eau de Toilette captures the essence of this iconic flower in a dazzling, elegant, feminine and resolutely modern fragrance. This luminous fragrance embodies the rose in a new light, from the roots to the pistil, with green and fruity notes interlacing in a naturally elegant, floral fragrance.

Opening with notes of pink pepper, accompanied by lychee and raspberry accords, the fragrance soon gives way to an utterly rosy heart. Rosa Centifolia infusion from Grasse, obtained using an exclusive technique that fuses modernity with tradition, mingles with Rosa Damascena absolute, rounded out by violet leaf absolute. Finally, base notes of patchouli, amber and white musk leave a warm, lingering trail.

If you love rose fragrances, you’ll adore the Rose Eau de Toilette as it smells incredibly authentic and you I can envisage the roses growing in Provence everytime I wear it as it smells like freshly cut roses. For me roses is such a marmite scent, sometimes I really hate the scent but sometimes I love it. I really enjoy fresh or woody based rose scents, but it’s the sickly powdery scents I just can’t get onboard with and this L’Occitane Rose Eau de Toilette is fresh and light with a subtle fruity twist.

It’s such an easy scent to wear, and it’s beautiful when worn alone or layered with the Fragranced Water. If you like Chloe Love Story or Stella McCartney Stella, I really think you’ll love this modern interpretation of a rose fragrance and the bottle is so dainty and feminine which really complements how light the fragrance sits on the skin.

L'Occitane Rose Collection with their L'Occitane Rose Eau de Toilette and L'Occitane Rose Burst of Cheerfulness Fragranced Water

L’Occitane Burst of Cheerfulness Rose Fragrant Water 50ml £32

Today you have this desire to enjoy a spontaneous, cheerful moment. The Burst of Cheerfulness Fragranced Water from the new Rose collection adapts to your mood and will put an even bigger smile on your face.

This joyful, radiant floral scent reveals intoxicating fruity tones, as Rose Centifolia floral water delights in delicious notes of Rasberry, Peach and a Violet absolute from Provence. A truly mood-lifting fragrance for the body.

L’Occitane have launched three different Fragrant Waters within their L’Occitane Rose Collection, each of which are named after different ‘bursts’. The Burst of Cheerfulness Fragrant Water is the scent that I own, then there is also the Burst of Vitality Fragrant Water and the Burst of Relaxation Fragrant Water, and they’re all different pastel shade coloured bottles.

The Burst of Cheerfulness Rose Fragrant Water smells incredible and it’s one you have to spritz first should you be passing a L’Occitane store as it’s blown me away. It’s such a modern twist on a rose based scent and if I was doing a blind scent test, I honestly don’t think I’d be able to pinpoint the rose as the fruity and tart raspberry and sweet peach really prevail over the rose.

Whenever you layer the Fragrant Water over the top of the Eau de Toilette, the rose really intensifies and it smells so different depending on whether you put the eau de toilette on first, or the water. I’d love to try the other Fragrant Waters to see how they all differ once layered over the eau de toilette, but I love the whole layering concept and hope L’Occitane introduce more layering scents in the future.

Have you tried anything from the new L’Occitane Rose Collection yet?

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