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Redken One United Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray

Redken are a haircare brand I really enjoy. I’ve tried quite a few of their products thus far, but it’s definitely a brand I’d like to try more from as I’m yet to be underwhelmed by any of their products.

I have mentioned how knotty my hair gets quite a few times here on my blog, but I’m always on the hunt for the best detangler – if it even exists, so I decided to give the Redken One United Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray a try.

Redken One United Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray

Furthermore, I ordered mine from Feel unique for only £14.20, but the full Redken price is £18.95 which I still don’t think is too bad at all for a salon brand’s leave – in hair treatment – especially if it truly delivers on offering 25 different benefits in one.

There are many different hair treatments that claim to have multiple benefits, but I have never seen a treatment offer 25 in 1 before, and I was definitely skeptical before trying it as I couldn’t understand how it could truly give your hair 25 different benefits.

A super-balanced formula for moisture and conditioning for light-weight instant results.

  • Provides beauty, manageability and protection, in one step.

  • 25 caring benefits in one bottle including leaving hair feeling conditioned & nourished, reducing dryness, detangling, preventing breakage from brushing, heat damage & split ends whilst adding shine, controlling frizz & making hair feel silky.

Redken One United Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray

The Redken One United Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray has a really lovely fruity scent, and it’s very easy to apply to the hair. When it comes to my hair, there’s only really a small amount of things I’m looking for from a leave – in conditioner.

Firstly, it must help detangle my hair as that’s the only reason I’d use it, as I other sprays that perform in that way, so I’d just use one of them instead. In addition to helping me detangle my hair, I want it to offer hydration/nourishment, help control frizz and make my hair look and feel good. Anything else is just a bonus.

This spray can be used like any other leave – in conditioner, but you can also spray it in and then rinse it out, but I can’t help thinking that’s defeating the whole purpose?! I never rinse mine out, as I’d just use a typical hair mask or conditioning treatment if I wanted something to rinse out.

I’m not sure if I can agree this spray does deliver the 25 benefits as some of them feel like things you can’t actually prove – like as a primer, or cutting lotion. For me, it provides everything I mentioned I’m looking for, and helps to detangle my hair, so it is something I would repurchase in the future, but I’m really tempted to try the Unite, or It’s a 10 versions next to see how they compare.

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