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Revolution The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner – Dried Up In 3 Days!

Revolution have had a few eyeliners over the years, and they launched the Renaissance Flick Eyeliner in the first half of 2018. I did like their I Heart Makeup All Day and All Night Eyeliner Pencils, but like many Revolution products, they were discontinued. Towards the end of 2018, Revolution launched their The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner which I thought was weird as the Renaissance Flick Eyeliner was a felt tip eyeliner pen, so I don’t know why they launched two eyeliner pens with almost identical product claims within weeks of eachother – and they’re both £5.

I know Revolution repackage some of their products and make them out to be different products with their setting sprays being the perfect example of that. Their Hyaluronic Setting Spray has the same ingredients as their I Heart Revolution Fixing Spray which is misleading to say the least and I only realised as I bought them both and thought they smelt identical so I checked their ingredients labels and sure enough they’re almost 100% identical.

Revolution The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner Review and Swatches

I wanted to see if The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner was similar to the Revolution Renaissance Flick Felt Tip Liner because how different can a felt tip liner be, to warrant two ‘different’ products being launched within months of eachother. The first similarity is the price as they’re both £5 yet the Renaissance Flick has really luxe, rose gold packaging whereas The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner has plain, black plastic. Volume of product comparison – the Renaissance Flick contains 1.5 ml whilst the Liner Revolution contains 1ml of product – so a big difference in terms of an eyeliner pen.

Revolution The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner Review and SwatchesRevolution The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner Review and Swatches

The descriptions of the two products are different however, as The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner claims to contain ultra black Japanese ink with a waterproof finish. The Renaissance Flick Eyeliner doesn’t make any longevity claims although I do really like how long wearing the Renaissance Flick is and I’ve never had any smudging or flaking so far.

The nibs have different lengths – the Renaissance Flick has a short, sharper felt tip nib whereas this liner has a long felt tip nib but both them are as flexible as eachother and they can both create super precise, fine liner looks with lighter pressure of the nib or more intense, thicker liner by pressing the nib a little firmer across the lids.

Revolution The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner Review and Swatches

The ink within both liners is identical and although the The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner claims to be matte, both liner have an intense black ink which has a shiny finish – they are not matte in any way. The only negative I had of the Renaissance Flick was how shiny the liner looked so I assumed the newer The Liner Revolution would be matte like it claims to be but it’s not matte.

Whomever wrote the description of this eyeliner, can’t have tried it themselves as it’s one of the glossiest eyeliners I’ve tried, and you can see how shiny it dries down to by looking at my swatches above. If you own one of these liners, there’s no need to buy the other as they’re the same product except the Renaissance Flick has nicer packaging, and you get more product for your £5.

The biggest issue and deal breaker with this eyeliner is how quickly it dries up. I’m not even joking, it dried up completely of ALL ink within three days which is absolutely ridiculous. Yes it’s an affordable product but a three day life for an eyeliner is not acceptable so I cannot recommend this eyeliner whatsoever – I’ve never had an eyeliner that dries up this quickly yet my Revolution Renaissance Flick is still as black as it was the day I got it months later. I know it’s not a one off either and mine is just a dud as I’ve seen other reviews with the same experience. I’ve never had an eyeliner pen dry up completely so quickly, it’s ridiculous..

I’d love to know if you’ve found any Revolution products which are visually different but have the same formula?

You can purchase the Felt Tip Liner from Superdrug for £5 here.