ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil Review and Swatches

Considering ColourPop are my favourite beauty brand, I can’t believe I’d never tried any of their brow products before. During their sale over Christmas I decided that needed rectifying and I ordered a couple of their brow products as part of my massive ColourPop haul. ColourPop have a great selection of brow products including gels, creams and two different brow pencils and they’re all super affordable which is one of the reasons I’m so in love with the brand. I chose the ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil as it looked very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz which is a product I love but it’s £22, and the ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil is £3.77 so I’m totally here for finding a decent dupe.

ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil Review and Swatches in Ash Brown, Mechanical Eyebrow Pencil similar to the ABH Brow Wiz (2)

Get naturally, defined brows with this long wearing, mistake-proof, retractable pencil. Its buildable colour and attached spoolie make it easy to create hair-like strokes to fill in sparser areas. You’ll have perfectly feathered brows that last all day.

ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil Review and Swatches in Ash Brown, Mechanical Eyebrow Pencil similar to the ABH Brow Wiz (2)

The ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil is available in nine different shades and is one of the most inclusive shade ranges I’ve ever seen for an affordable brow product range. If you’re not entirely sure which shade will match your brows, they have a really handy ‘find your shade’ feature where you can choose your perfect shade based on the colour and tone of your hair. I decided upon the Ash Brown shade as I love my brow products to be as cool toned as possible. I have very dark brown brows which look almost black, and so many brands create dark brown shades with a very strong warm tone ending up leaving my brows looking auburn. It’s so hard to find a decent cool toned dark brown but the swatches for Ash Brown looked very promising.

The ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil has a mechanical, twist up design on one side and a spoolie on the other which helps you to blend and soften the brows once you’ve worked the pencil through your eyebrows. I knew I was going to love this brow pencil as the reviews on the ColourPop website are so complimentary. Some retailers have questionable reviews, but I feel like ColourPop’s customers are always very honest so if you’re ever trying to decide whether or not to try a product, have a read of the reviews as they’re always so helpful. I’m really blown away by how good this brow pencil is.

ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil Review and Swatches in Ash Brown, Mechanical Eyebrow Pencil similar to the ABH Brow Wiz (2)

The nib is quite firm without being at all waxy, and you do have to use a slight amount of pressure in order to create hair-like strokes. It honestly has the perfect formula for a brow pencil as it’s not too soft that you end up with caterpillar brows in zero to two seconds, but it’s firm giving you good control which is ideal if you like to shape your brows, and add an arch. It’s firm but it’s not hard, and it doesn’t feel scratchy or stiff like some brow pencils can, and I feel like there’s a very fine line between a stiff pencil that scratches the skin, and a firm pencil that can be used lightly or more firmly for a more intense effect, and ColourPop nailed it with this formula. If I applied this in a blind test to one brow and then the ABH Brow Wiz on the other brow I hands down wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, and that’s why the ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil is such a fantastic Brow Wiz dupe. I have a post coming up very soon on the Brow Boss Gel, and let me tell you the ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil and Brow Boss Gel are a match made in heaven.

Have you tried any of the ColourPop brow collection before?


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