FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

20th March 2019

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

Ever since I made the decision a few years ago,  to stop using mink lashes, I’ve really enjoyed trying lashes from new brands which aren’t necessarily brands you see hanging up in Boots or Superdrug. I remember when I first started wearing false lashes in my teens, there were literally just Eylure or Kiss lashes to choose from but now there’s many brands, and many types of lashes with styles to suit everyone. Today I want to introduce you to FleekLashes, which is a brand developed by a highly experienced make up artist that undertook over 3 years of research in the lash industry to help engineer and create the perfect lashes. Every set of FleekLashes Eyelashes are hand made and they offer false lashes with synthetic, human and mink fibers allowing you to choose which type of lash you prefer.

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

In addition to their extensive range of false eyelashes, FleekLashes also offer lash tools and I have four styles of their false lashes to show you as well as their lash glue and lash curlers, and I’m so surprised by how affordable their products are, especially their lashes which start at just £7.99.

FleekLashes also offer free delivery on all orders, and orders which are placed before 5pm are dispatched the same day which is perfect if you have a last minute event or night out coming up. The four styles I have to show you feature a blend of synthetic and human fibers, and are all reusable upto 20 times which is amazing for a £7.99 pair of lashes, as it works out at 39 pence per wear.

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

FleekLashes Celio False Lashes £7.99

The Celio lashes have a slightly thicker lash band with a subtle criss cross effect of super fine lash fibers through the whole band, but they have a double layered effect in the centre which looks so unique to any other lashes I’ve seen. Normally you see lashes with the end being more dramatic for a winged effect, but I like how these are more dense in the centre for more drama and volume.

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

FleekLashes Cami False Lashes £7.99

Next up are the Cami lashes, which have to be my favourite style from the selection of FleekLashes false lashes I have. They have a very fine, clear lash band so they blend in amazingly well with your natural lash line. The lashes have seven individual clusters of lashes which are each tapered, and increase in size towards the centre of the lashes. They give a really pretty, wispy and fluttery look, and they have a nice amount of curl too.

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

FleekLashes Monica False Lashes £7.99

Monica are the next style, which are the most natural style so they’d be perfect for everyday wear or if you’re new to false lashes. They have a very thin cotton lash band with lots of tiny clusters of tapered lashes all the way along the band, but there’s an extra layer attached to the lash brand which starts a third way in from the inner corner of each lash for extra drama and volume. The Monica lashes look as if you have lash extensions rather than strip lashes as they do look so natural on the eyes.

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

FleekLashes Larina False Lashes £7.99

The fourth and final pair of FleekLashes eyelashes I have to show you are the Larina lashes which are the most dramatic style from the four styles, and won’t be for everyone as they are so intense. The Larina lashes are a really luxurious set of lashes with multiple layers of lashes attached to the one, black cotton lash band. There are very fine, straight lashes which are then layered with curled, thicker lash fibers offering length, volume and curl all at once. The lash band is quite thick so they’re the type of lashes I’d wear with liquid eyeliner to blend the lash band in a little, but I think the thicker lash band will mean they last even longer which is even better.

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

FleekLashes Latex Free Eyelash Adhesive 5ml £8.99

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I have a really bad latex allergy which causes my skin to blister within minutes so I can only ever use latex free lash glues. I’ve mentioned before, even though some lash glues are labelled as being latex free, I can’t help but be apprehensive when trying a new glue but the FleekLashes Eyelash Glue really is fantastic. It’s available in two sizes; a 3g mini size which is ideal for your makeup bag, and this 5g full size.

The glue comes with a super precise, long brush which is really great at applying an even coat of the glue along the lash band. It has a pretty opalescence colour to it when it’s first applied which is genius as you can see exactly where you’ve applied the glue before it dries, so you can correct any mistakes but it does dry down to be completely clear.

Normally with lash glues you have to wait upto a minute for them to thicken and become tacky, but this lash glue becomes tacky very quickly and I only had to wait ten seconds before applying my lashes which is something I’ve never experienced before . Plus it’s one of the most long wearing glues I’ve tried and your lashes will not budge or lift up at all throughout the day either.

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

FleekLashes False Lash Applicator £6.99

I’ve been looking for a false lash applicator for ages now so I’m really happy to have one as I’ve never tried one before. This applicator is so sleek with a rubberised coating which makes them easy to grip, and is ergonomically friendly. The lash applicator looks similar to a pair of tweezers, except it’s a little safer to use as the ends are rounded which is what you want when using an implement so close to your eyes. It’s crazy how much difference this little tool makes when applying lashes, but it really does make application quicker and easier.

FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools FleekLashes False Lashes and Tools

FleekLashes Eyelash Curler £5.50

Lash curlers can make a real difference to your lashes, especially if you have straight lashes like mine. The FleekLashes Eyelash Curler is a bright silver coloured metal, with shiny black rubberised handles and rubberised pad which cushions your lashes whilst you curl them. For £5.50 I think it’s a pretty fab curler, and the rubberised handles really help to grip the curler in place during use. I tend to use a lash curler on my lashes before applying lashes, but I know some people like to use a curler to blend their lashes with their false lashes.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried any of the FleekLashes false lashes before, or which lash style is your favourite from this selection? You can find the full FleekLashes lash collection over on their website.

*sponsored post however all thoughts are as always my own.

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