ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners Review

I still remember my very first pair of hair straighteners which I saved up for in my early teens. They were the Babyliss Shot of Steam Hair Stylers and they essentially fried the hair and did very little straightening. At the time I had no idea that they weren’t very good until I bought my first pair of ghd hair straighteners. ghd are essentially the Rolls Royce equivalent of hair straighteners and there’s a reason why you see them scattered all over the place in any hair salon, and a reason why they’ve won many awards over the years. I’ve previously featured the ghd Bird of Paradise V Coral Styler, here on my blog and although they’re now coming up to five years old, they’re still as amazing as they were when I first got them. I was very kindly offered the chance to upgrade my ghds with the ghd Platinum + Styler, and oh wow what an upgrade.

Review of the NEW ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners in white

I’ve only ever owned two pairs of ghds prior to getting the ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners and my first pair lasted for six years, and my Bird of Paradise pair are as I said nearly five years old and are still going strong. There’s no doubt ghds are a pricey purchase, but they really are built to last and I’ve read reviews where they’ve lasted up to ten years which is incredible. The ghd Platinum + Styler are their newest addition to their hair straighteners range, and they’re available in white or  black. Both colour ways are £175 each, and they come with an impressive three year warranty.

Review of the NEW ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners in white

It’s amazing how far ghd have come as a brand, especially with their technology. The specifications for the ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners blew me away even before trying them. The Platinum+ Styler is their smart styler that predicts your hair’s needs, and there’s many, many glowing reviews on their website for both the black and white stylers. My hair dryer, curling wands, and hair tools are black so I love that these ghds are white, I feel like they really stand out amongst my other hair tools which I keep in one of the deeper drawers within my Ikea Alex drawers.

ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners

  • They feature breakthrough ultra-zone, predictive technology where the styler recognises each section of hair and adapts the power to ensure the optimum temperature of 185ºC is consistency across the two plates, allowing beautiful results in one stroke.

  • The heat is monitored an amazing 250 times per second across the two plates, and through its innovative predictive technology this revolutionary styler recognises the thickness of your hair and the speed at which you are styling and adjusts the power accordingly, giving you ultimate results personalised to you.

  • The styler features an unique wishbone hinge that ensures the plates are perfectly aligned while you style, while the rounder barrel allows you to create curls, waves and the perfect straight style with ease.

  • Each of the two plates are precision milled, allowing hair to pass through effortlessly for snag free styling.

  • Universal voltage allows you to use your styler across the world.

  • Automatic sleep-mode will turn the styler off after 30 minutes of non-use for extra peace of mind.

  • Delivering healthier styling in one stroke, delivering 70% stronger hair, 2x more colour protection and 20% more shine.

Review of the NEW ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners in white Review of the NEW ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners in white

The ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners come with an heat resistant heat guard within the box which is made from silicone and is very flexible. With my previous ghds I’ve got an heat mat included within the box so I wasn’t sure I’d love the heat guard but it’s very effective. You simply slip the sleeve over your closed styler and the sides taper in to cover the two plates whilst having gaps to allow the styler to cool down. The heat guard fits the closed styler really well and because it’s silicone, it stops the styler from moving on your dressing table which I definitely appreciate. In addition to the heat guard, you also get a 2.7m swivel cord so you don’t get yourself tangled up when trying to curl your hair, and a maximum temperature of 185ºC.

Review of the NEW ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners in whiteReview of the NEW ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners in white

The plates of the ghd Platinum + Styler Hair Straighteners really mesmerised me as they have the glossiest finish with almost a glitter effect, and they’re floating too so they move with your hair whilst styling and you don’t end up tugging the roots of your scalp. Floating plates are also fab because they ensure you get an even distribution of heat through the hair. The glass like shine on the plates means they glide through the hair with very little effort. My hair is very long, naturally wavy and frizzy, and I have lots of it so I tend to need to pass my straighteners through each section around three times, but with these just one single past sufficed for the majority of my hair but the under section around the back needed two as that’s where my hair is the waviest.

ghds have always been super quick to heat up, but these are on another level. You plug them in and press the power button, and the styler makes a beep to let you know they’re on. Whilst they’re heating up the ring around the power button flashes white, and the styler makes another higher pitched beep once they’re fully heated and the flashing stops, and becomes just a static light. In terms of heating up, they’re crazy fast taking just ten seconds which is the quickest heat up time I’ve ever witnessed on hair straighteners before.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the ghd Platinum + Styler for both straightening the hair, and for curls. The shape of the barrel is fantastic for creating curls as they’re rounded, and usually curling the hair with straighteners can be quite harsh on the hair but the floating plates, rounded barrel and smart technology combined make the styler much kinder on the hair. The styler glides through the hair quickly, and smoothly and it doesn’t skip either. There’s no doubt that these are the best straighteners I’ve ever used. They’re so innovative, effective and they’ve already won awards even though they only launched a few months ago. If you’re looking for some hairstyle inspiration for how to use your ghd stylers, they have lots of hairstyle ideas of all lengths and types over on their website.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the ghd Platinum + Styler? Do you love the idea of straighteners with smart technology?


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