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Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil

I shared a mini Mother’s Day gift guide earlier this week with a small selection of gift ideas, and I alluded to an extra gift idea at the end of the post and today’s post is my further Mother’s Day gift suggestion. I don’t know about you, but for Mother’s Day I always like to treat my mum to decadent beauty treats as I know she’d never buy them for herself but she loves trying new products and feeling pampered, and it doesn’t get much more decadent than the Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil.

Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller + Day & Night Nutritional Supplements Review

The story behind Lumity is really interesting, as the brand’s creator; scientist Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, Cambridge University graduate, was moved to solve the age-old question: How can we grow older and wiser yet maintain the health, energy and radiance of our youth? Is it possible to blossom and thrive as we mature?

After years of research focused on ageing, fused with her own realistic vantage point as a working, single mother in her early forties, Sara formed a picture of ageing that was more than skin deep. Led by her understanding of the body as an infinitely intelligent network of interdependent processes, Sara began to formulate a supplement that would effectively sustain the healthy functioning of the whole body through the years.

I have had the pleasure of testing out their Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, alongside their Jade Roller and a trial dose of their Anti-Ageing & Beauty Supplements. I’m going to be going into more detail about each product, but I wanted to highlight their fabulous deal they have on their website in the run up to Mother’s Day (which is this coming Sunday).

With each purchase of their Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, you’ll receive a free luxurious Jade Roller when inputting the FREEJADEROLLER promo code at checkout. The Jade Roller is £25 to purchase individually so this really is a fantastic offer, especially as the roller works so wonderfully alongside the oil.

Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller + Day & Night Nutritional Supplements Review Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller + Day & Night Nutritional Supplements Review Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller + Day & Night Nutritional Supplements Review

Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil £60

I’m a massive fan of facial oils so I knew I’d absolutely love to try the Lumity Anti-Ageing Facial Oil. My skin is dry and dehydrated so facial oils are a godsend for me and I often apply them both in the morning and at night. The Lumity Facial Oil is 100% natural, and has been designed to provide all the nutrients your skin craves.

It’s quite impressive but this golden oil contains a blend of 32 botanical oils and extracts such as Evening Primrose Oil, Baobab Seed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil and Macadamia Seed Oil just to name a very small selection but you can see all of the ingredients here, as well as more information on each of the 32 oils and extracts should you want to learn more about them. The ingredients have been selected by Lumity for their specific nutrients that together provide skin with the holistic care it needs.

What does the Lumity Anti-Ageing Facial Oil claim to do?

  • Replenish moisture for supple, smoother skin
  • Reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restore elasticity, radiance and firmness
  • Reinforce the skin’s natural barrier to maintain perfect hydration
  • Restore balance and youthful condition
  • Promote collagen synthesis to strengthen the skin’s structural matrix

Lumity offer a subscription option for their oil where you can make a one off purchase, or subscribe at a frequency of your choosing (4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks) which will save you 20% off the full £60 price. I always appreciate when a brand rewards loyalty from their customers, so this subscription option is such a great idea, as you know you’re never going to run out.

The directions are nice and simple, and you only need to use half a dropper (or as much as required), both morning and night, and Lumity recommend inhaling deeply whilst you massage the oil into your face and neck. Lumity claim that we can expect our skin to feel replenished, balanced, revitalized and deeply nurtured. The packaging is extremely luxe, and whilst I know it’s the contents that matter, the luxe packaging just adds to the whole experience and it looks so beautiful.

The glass pipette is easy to use, and I tend to dispense a couple of drops onto the back of my hand and then apply to my face my massaging and patting the oil into the skin before following up with the jade roller. The oil has a beautifully rich formula that feels like silk on the skin, and once it’s absorbed it leaves behind a gorgeous glow which would rival a post-facial glow.

Even though it’s a lovely, rich oil, it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin. I hate using oils which leave my fingertips feeling greasy, if anything the Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil has a dry oil effect, and absorbs quickly and easily. After using the oil for a few days, I noticed a big difference in the softness and hydration of the back of my hand where I dispense the oil from the pipette before massaging into my face which is a benefit I’ve never experienced with other facial skincare products. The oil however becomes even more heavenly when used alongside the Lumity Jade Roller..

Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller + Day & Night Nutritional Supplements Review Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller + Day & Night Nutritional Supplements Review

Lumity Jade Roller £25

I’ve used a couple of jade rollers in the past, but the Lumity Jade Roller is by far the most beautiful. If you’re unsure on how to use a jade roller within your skincare routine, Lumity have a really helpful guide both on the box of the roller and on their website with a step by step process talking you through how to do a full facial massage with the roller. I found this really easy to follow and although I’ve watched a number of facial massage tutorials, having the instructions on the box meant I never missed a step.

Step 1: Use on freshly cleansed skin. Rub a few drops of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil onto the face and gently massage in using the jade roller.

Step 2: Start at the chin and roll horizontally out to the hairline. The pressure should be light and comfortable on the skin.

Step 3: Move up to the nose and roll from the corner of the nose out towards the ears.

Step 4: Use the small end of the jade roller and place it in the inner corner of the eye. Roll out toward the temples.

Step 5: Place the roller on the eyebrows, and roll downwards, ending at the temples.

Step 6: Roll from the eyebrows upwards to the hairline, moving across the forehead.

Step 7: Finish by rolling the middle of the forehead horizontally out towards the temples.

The roller is made from green jade which is complemented by gold metal, and it looks so pretty and sleek. Lumity is engraved into the handle, and I feel as if it looks, feels and is presented as if it’s a lot more expensive than its £25 price tag. What makes this jade roller so special in my opinion, is how it remains cool to the touch throughout use which has an amazingly soothing effect on the skin, and it makes a massive improvement to any puffiness I may be experiencing.

When using the Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil with the Jade Roller, it makes it such an enjoyable experience and I’ve already noticed an difference in how radiant, smooth and de-puffed my face looks since using them both.

The Jade Roller alone would make for a wonderful gift, so it’s fantastic that Lumity are offering this beautiful quality roller as a free gift whilst stocks last on purchases of their heavenly facial oil, and the duo together would be guaranteed to wow anyone as a gift, for any occasion but as Mother’s Day is almost upon us, it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea.

Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller + Day & Night Nutritional Supplements Review Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller + Day & Night Nutritional Supplements Review

Lumity Day & Night Anti-Ageing Supplements from £76.50 (on subscription)

MORNING – Formulated with our VITA COMPLEX. It also contains vitamins C and E, Selenium and Zinc to help protect your body on a cellular level against oxidative stress.

NIGHT – Crafted to maintain the skin from the inside out with our RENEW COMPLEX. High in Omega 3s and amino acids which keeps skin elastic, radiant and supple.

In addition to the Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil and Jade Roller, Lumity also offer nutritional supplements for anti-ageing and beauty. The Day & Night supplements can be purchased as a one off for £90, or on a subscription basis like their oil, and should you choose the subscription option, you’ll receive a new supply of supplements every four weeks at a 15% discount. The Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing & Beauty Supplements include a jar of 84 Day Softgels  and 84 Night Softgels, and the directions are to take three softgels when you wake up and then three more before bed.

  • Vitality and brain health supplements
  • Beautiful skin, hair and nails
  • Strong bones, muscles, joints and teeth
  • Protection against oxidative stress
  • A healthy immune system
  • Optimum nutrient absorption and metabolism

The ingredients within the supplements work around-the-clock to support beautiful skin and provide effective inner nutrition. Their unique 2-step formula offers targeted nutritional supplementation for healthy-looking skin and renewed vitality. Beautiful skin, hair and nails result from effective inner nutrition.

I had a seven day supply to try, but as far as beauty supplements go, I’m not sure you can get much better than the Lumity Anti-Ageing Supplements as they’re not only treating your skin, hair and nails, they’re also aiding your internal health so it’s amazing to find a supplement that combines both beauty and wellness all in one, as it’s usually and either or situation.

I’m really fussy when it comes to supplements and taking tablets in general, and always have been as I’m just not great with the aftertaste. However these are essentially capsules so you don’t have that awful powdery aftertaste you get with some supplements, and their gel casing makes them so easy to swallow.

I’ve tried numerous beauty supplements but these are the easiest to swallow with zero aftertaste which makes them a winner in my book, and the fact they’re packed with so many fantastic ingredients is even better.

I’d love to know if you’d like to try the Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, Jade Roller or Supplements?

I’d like to thank Lumity for sponsoring this post, but all thoughts are as always, my own.

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