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Morphe M432 Pro Flat Liner Definer Brush – The Perfect Tightline Brush under £5!

Morphe are one of my favourite brands and I own so many of their makeup brushes from their many different brush ranges. I’ve got Morphe brushes which are five years old and they’re just as good as they were when I first got them, so I love to add new Morphe brushes to my collection. I was placing an order on Cult Beauty and I wanted to ensure I got the free samples they offer on orders over £50, so I added the Morphe M432 Pro Flat Liner Definer Brush to my basket to round up my total but I didn’t search for reviews or anything prior to purchase which is very rare for me. I feel as if the Morphe brush sets get a lot more hype than their extensive range of individual brushes but I like how affordable their individual brushes are, as you can build your brush collection up gradually and choose brush styles you know you’ll use.

Morphe M432 Pro Flat Liner Definer Brush - The Perfect Tightline Brush under £5!

The Morphe M432 Pro Flat Liner Definer Brush is only £4.50 which is very budget friendly and just like all Morphe individual brushes, comes in a clear plastic sleeve to protect the bristles during transit. Morphe offer both natural and synthetic brushes within their brush range and I tend to prefer their natural brushes when it comes to eye makeup, and their synthetic brushes for face and base makeup. However the Morphe M432 brush has synthetic bristles which are silky smooth, yet nice and firm which is why it’s the perfect tightline brush.

Morphe M432 Pro Flat Liner Definer Brush - The Perfect Tightline Brush under £5!Morphe M432 Pro Flat Liner Definer Brush - The Perfect Tightline Brush under £5!

I couldn’t recall anyone raving about the brush, but after trying it and loving it, and putting this post together, it appears that both Jaclyn Hill and James Charles rave about this little brush and I can totally see why. The bristles are shaped into a square, and are very slim within the ferrule with really dense bristles. The density of the bristles is why it works amazingly well at ‘stamping’ product along the lashlines with powder, gel or liquids.

I have really sparse lashes so for everyday, I like to use a super intense black powder eyeshadow with the Morphe M432 so press the shadow right into the base of my lashes to give the illusion of denser, and thicker lashes and it only takes five seconds max but it makes such a massive difference. It also doubles up as a great brush for applying gel liner as it glides across the lids with very little effort.

I’ve used this brush for applying shadow along my lower lashline, and for filling in my brows as it’s such a versatile brush but for me it’s best used for tightlining the eyes and it’s such a bargain brush for £4.50.

Have you tried any of the Morphe Makeup Brushes before?

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