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Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Intensive Moisturiser Review

Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Intensive Moisturiser Review

I was lucky enough to receive a lovely selection of Pixi Skintreats from their rose collection which I featured in a roundup post here. Shortly after receiving the collection, I ended up getting one of the worst colds I’d ever had and my skin became shockingly bad.

I was still doing my morning and evening skincare routines even though I felt like death but my skin because the driest it had ever been, and my skin’s super dry and dehydrated at the best of times but this dryness was on another level. 

I was pretty desperate for a product which would help remedy the dryness and discomfort so I looked in the stash of Pixi Rose Skintreats and decided to give the Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream a try after spotting that it was an ‘intensive moisturiser’ on the packaging.

I didn’t look up the claims, directions or ingredients as I felt like death but figured it was worth a try as nothing else was working for me, and I used it before photographing it which you can probably tell in the photos, which is something I have never done in six years of blogging but I just had to try it.

Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Intensive Moisturiser Review

This ultra-rich cream is infused with Ceramides and Rose Oil to deeply hydrate the skin for a healthier, more supple appearance and feel. Antioxidant-rich botanicals help to improve skin’s elasticity while protecting against environmental aggressors.

Rich, luxurious formula delivers deep, long lasting nourishment. Powerful antioxidants help fortify skin and protect against free-radicals. Quickly absorbs, improving skin’s elasticity and feel.” 

• Rose Flower Oil nourishes & restores 

• Ceramides provide time-release moisture

• Probiotics protect & balance 

Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Intensive Moisturiser Review Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Intensive Moisturiser Review

The Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream is £24 for 50ml and is packaged within a metallic tube which you simply squeeze to dispense product. The cream has a thick consistency and has a very rich formula which is a godsend for my dehydrated skin. It feels as if it’s a hybrid formula combining the hydration of a balm, but with the easy to absorb formula of a moisturiser. It feels cooling and so comforting on the skin, and gives an instant hydration boost.

It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy which really surprised me considering it’s enriched with rose flower oil, ceramides and probiotics and it’s been my moisturiser of choice both morning and night ever since I first tried it, and it transformed my skin from being super dry, rough in texture and visual flakes in under 24 hours and it seriously wowed me.

Out of all the products within the Skintreats Rose Collection, the Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream was the product which looked the less exciting amongst the bi-phase formula of the Rose Glow Mist and the Rose Oil Blend. However it is hands down one of the best skincare products I’ve ever tried – which isn’t something you see me say often, but it totally transformed my skin, so quickly and now I couldn’t be without it.

Have you tried the Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream?