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Smashbox Crystalized Collection | Info, Stockists + More

Smashbox is a brand which I feel gets a lot more hype in the US than it does here in the UK. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve been a Smashbox fan ever since I got a few pieces from their Burlesque collection almost ten years. I have to admit to feeling pretty sad with the brand when they discontinued their amazing Hydrating Primer, as that was a brilliant primer for dry skin but I need to build a bridge and get over it. When I saw photos on Instagram of the newest Smashbox collection, I knew I needed to a post on it as it’s a beautiful collection and I’m so tempted to buy multiple pieces. The Smashbox Crystalized Collection is Smashbox’s Spring collection which is a collaboration with Hoodwitch, and is a seven product strong crystal infused and crystal charged collection.

Smashbox Crystalized Collection

I don’t know if it’s a name thing, but I’ve always been obsessed with gemstones, so the Smashbox Crystalized Collection couldn’t be more my kind of collection. I love that multiple brands are doing gem-inspired collections and I hope that there’s more on the way as there’s so much brands could explore in terms of gemstones and crystals.

The tagline for the collection is “celebrate beauty inspired by the transformative quality of crystals”, and Bri Luna aka Hoodwitch is a crystal expert and founder of The Hoodwitch, a community dedicated to creating “everyday magic for the modern mystic.”

Smashbox Crystalized Collection

The Smashbox Crystalized Collection has not launched within the UK just yet, *but* it is going to be launching at Boots in the middle of may, which is very exciting as I feel like it would do really well over here.

The packaging design for the collection is just stunning and I thought the Vlada collection couldn’t be topped in terms of packaging design, but this collection is something else. So much thought has gone into this collection and I love that they’ve made a crystal twist to some of their existing bestselling products.

Smashbox Crystalized Collection

Smashbox Crystalized Collection

Smashbox Crystalized Highlighter in “Opti-Mystic”

This gel-powder highlighter wraps your skin in radiance. Infused with crystals, its iridescent shade is inspired by spirit quartz. The transparent base allows for reflection of light plus a smooth feel that won’t emphasize uneven skin texture.

Smashbox Covershot Crystalized Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette features a curated mix of 8 vividly pigmented, crystal-inspired shades with matte, metallic & foil finishes. The luxe, crystalized compact includes a stunning range of shades from smoky quartz & jasper matte to rose quartz & garnet.

Smashbox Photo Finish Crystalized Primerizer

This 2-in-1 shimmering primer & moisturizer hydrates & locks on makeup in a super light texture. The rose quartz-inspired shimmer gives your skin a subtle pearl finish that can be worn with makeup or on bare skin.

Smashbox Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water – in Love Ritual, Crystal Clarity and Aura Shield

This diamond-charged primer spray is infused with fragrance inspired by rose quartz, amethyst & black tourmaline. Use it to hydrate skin, prep for makeup & refresh your complexion & aura.

Smashbox Crystalized Always On Liquid Eyeshadows – in Mindful AF, Dream Prism, Rhodinite Stand, Bronzite Bruja, Rich Craft and That’s Fire

A long-wearing liquid eyeshadow that glides on brilliant, crystal-inspired shimmer & won’t crease, flake or smudge. The crystalized wand makes it easy to quickly apply color across bare lids or under eyeshadow for a crystalized look that lasts all day.

Smashbox Crystalized Shimmer Drops – in Moonstoned

This moonstone-inspired iridescent liquid highlighter can be used on the face or as a lip topper. It sets fast, stays in place & is infused with crystals to enhance your magic.

Smashbox Crystalized Gloss Angeles Lip Glossses in Free Spirited, Practical Magic and Ya Heal Me?

This non-sticky, high-shine lip gloss hydrates, makes lips look fuller & is infused with crystals to enhance your magic. Swipe it on bare lips or use it to glossify your favorite lip colors.

I am eyeing up the highlighter, the Primerizer and the liquid eyeshadows. I’d love to know which product is your favourite

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