Top 3 Liquid Eyeliners ft. Pixi, Kat Von D & Revolution

Eyeliner is one makeup product I religiously apply every single day, even on my no makeup, makeup days. There are so many different types of eyeliner but for everyday I like to push a gel pencil liner into the base of my lashes for some much needed definition as my lashes are so short. I used to wear black kohl liner in my lower waterline every single day but looking back at photos it’s crazy how small it made my eyes look, so I now try to smudge pencil liner along my lower lashes rather than my waterline as it’s a little less harsh.

My favourite type of eyeliner has to be liquid eyeliner, and I know it sounds pathetic but I love how liquid eyeliner can give you a little confidence boost. I’ve tried so, so many liquid liners over the years so I decided I wanted to share my top 3 liquid eyeliners right now, which will obviously change as time goes on but these are my current favourites, and one’s I’d really recommend trying should you be on the hunt for the perfect liquid eyeliner.

I think liquid eyeliners are difficult to perfect as there’s many different things I look for in a liquid eyeliner. Firstly I want my liner to be completely opaque without me needing to go over my line as I more often than not end up making my liner thicker and thicker by doing so, and thick eyeliner just doesn’t suit my eye shape. I want my liner to be matte.

I don’t get the whole glossy liquid liner thing, I want my liner to be matte so the focus of my makeup look is on my eyeshadow. I also need my liner to go over the top of my eyeshadows without skipping, and the applicator be as fine as possible for ultimate control when trying to create wings. I know I’m asking for a lot, but my top 3 liquid eyeliners deliver on all of these points.

Top 3 Liquid Eyeliners

Top 3 Liquid Eyeliners ft. Pixi, Kat Von D & Revolution

1 – Pixi Lash Line Ink (reviewed here)

When I first tried this eyeliner last year I really wasn’t wowed by it as it was almost dried out and I definitely got a one off dud, as I repurchased it and the new one performs amazingly well and nothing like the first one I tried. The Lash Line Ink is available in two shades; Black Silk and Velvet Cocoa, and claims to apply flawlessly featuring a waterproof, non-feathering, quick-drying formula. The nib is long yet flexible and it’s one of the easiest liners for creating wings, and it works so well over eyeshadow, and I’m just so glad I gave it a second chance as it’s amazing.

2 – Revolution Renaissance Flick Eyeliner (reviewed here)

Out of all the liquid liners Revolution have launched the Renaissance Flick is the best by far. They recently launched the Liner Revolution and it’s awful, and dried up after three uses so I’d recommend avoiding that one entirely and going for this one. It’s only £5 but it’s super luxe with rose gold metal casing, with a flexible and long nib. It’s a felt tip liner similar to the Pixi liner but it’s not as tapered, and is great for creating really fine lines and smaller wings.

3 – Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (reviewed here)

This is such an hyped up liner and I totally understand why. The nib is different to the other two as although it looks like a typical felt tip nib, it’s actually made from 325 brush hairs making it very flexible and you can control how thick your lines are by how much pressure you use when using the liner. It has a satin finish which is the only downside, but it’s my favourite liner for whenever I’m not wearing eyeshadow. It’s one of the most longwearing liners too, and is my go-to liner whenever my eyes are watering or my hayfever is playing up as it doesn’t run or smudge.

There’s one other liner I’m loving right now which is from B. at Superdrug but I’ve never reviewed it on my blog and only wanted to include liners I’d reviewed within my top 3 liquid eyeliners but I’ll be sure to review the B. liner very soon.

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