Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror

24th March 2019

Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror Review

I featured the Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror within my Cult Beauty Ultimate Makeup Bag post, and I’ve been religiously using it multiple times a day ever since I got it. I swear by Tweezerman for both tweezers and mirrors, and I recently featured the Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror which is amazing for applying makeup especially as you can choose between three different lighting options; cool toned bright indoor light, natural day light and warm toned low evening night.

The only downside of the mirror is the lack of magnification, so I’ve been looking for a light-up magnified mirror as my previous Tweezerman Lighted Mirror died a death after four years of very heavy use, so the Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror looked like a perfect replacement.

Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror Review Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror Review

15x magnification that is clear from edge to edge with no distortion
• Easy on/off light mechanism engages with light pressure
• Suction cups attach to any smooth, clean surface
• Perfect for detailed, precision tasks like tweezing, makeup application and contacts

Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror Review

The Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror £24 is palm sized so it’s ideal for your makeup bag, particularly so because it’s extremely lightweight. On the back of the mirror there are three plastic suction caps allowing you to attach it to a larger mirror or surface for hands free tweezing action.

The mirror turns on with a simple button in the centre of the base, where there is also a lock switch which you can unlock to change the batteries, and the mirror takes four LR1130 cell batteries.

The mirror has a lighted panel all the way along the outside of the mirror which gives a really great distribution of light on the area you’re wanting to look at within the mirror. This really is the perfect mirror for tweezing your brows as it highlights every brow hair; even the super fair tiny hairs I didn’t know existed prior to getting this mirror.

I love that it offers both magnification of 15x and light, and the mini size is why I chose it for my ultimate makeup bag as you can use it to apply makeup with or without the light too.

Have you ever tried one of the Tweezerman mirrors before? You can purchase the Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror from the Cult Beauty website

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