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Home Storage Ideas

Home Storage Ideas

If you’re a beauty addict, I can pretty much guarantee that like me, you struggle with storage. I have so many makeup, skincare, bodycare and haircare products, and I never know the best way to store everything, especially as I don’t have masses of space in my current house. Reading posts on home storage ideas are some of my favourites as they always inspire me on ways I can organise my beauty products, so I decided to share a few home storage ideas I’m currently using and I’m planning on purchasing in the not so distant future and everything is under £100.

If you’re a Pinterest addict, you’ll probably have seen the Ikea Råskog Trolley many times as it’s such a popular piece of storage and in my opinion is the perfect bathroom storage. I want to get the Råskog Trolley and store it in my bathroom for holding all of my skincare products, my shampoos, conditioners and masks as well as my bodycare products. I really like that it has three tiers so I can keep my skincare in the top layer, haircare in the middle and bodycare in the bottle. The trolley comes in three colours; white, black and navy, and I like that it has wheels so it’s easy to manoeuvre between rooms.

Something I’ve seen feature a lot on Instagram for storage is wicker baskets. It feels like everyone has them and are utilising them to store everything, so I bought myself a set of three white wicker baskets from eBay which I’m using in my bedroom. I’ve got one basket on my bedside table which holds my night time skincare products, my glasses, my sleep spray and hand cream as they’re all things I use before going to bed. The other two are inside my wardrobe to store hair accessories and my electronic cables/chargers. I like how versatile they are, and depending on where you buy them from, they’re affordable too.

I’m a big fan of acrylic storage for a number of reasons. I like how sleek and tidy acrylic units look, and I like that you can clearly see which products are in which draw/section. I store a lot of my makeup in acrylic storage cubes and they work really well as well as being super easy to clean which is ideal when storing makeup products. I’ve seen some people use acrylic storage for organising their jewellery or sunglasses, nail polishes, stationery and more.

My last of my home storage ideas is another for the bathroom and it looks to be a great space saver. I don’t have masses of room in my bathroom, so I’m looking to get some sort of under sink storage unit or an in-shower storage unit. I currently have a tower of plastic drawers for my products and everything’s kinda thrown in together and it means I end up overlooking product so separating them would definitely mean I rotate my products better and I’d be able to easily see which products need repurchasing.

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