I Heart Revolution Dragon’s Heart Eyeshadow Palette Review / Swatches

In my opinion, the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Bar Palettes are the best eyeshadow palettes Revolution do. The Chocolate Bar Palettes are very rarely disappointing and the only chocolate palette I’ve found to be disappointing was the Unicorn Love Palette which has the chocolate design inside, but it had velvet and a raised plastic heart on the top rather than the dripping chocolate design. Revolution love a gimmick, especially for their I Heart Revolution range and when they launched their dragon, unicorn, angel and mermaid collections, I was not at all tempted to try anything as the products all looked very childish.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cute and unique packaging but the packaging of the range is definitely aimed at teenagers. Revolution regularly offer mystery bags on orders over a certain limit, and with a recent order I received the I Heart Revolution Dragon’s Heart Eyeshadow Palette as an item within my mystery bag and I wasn’t wowed by the shades inside.

I Heart Revolution Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Palette Review / Swatches

The I Heart Revolution Dragon’s Heart Eyeshadow Palette is £6.99 (however at the time of writing this it’s currently £3.50) and contains twelve shades which contain just 0.75g per pan which is very minimal compared to other Revolution palettes. One of the reasons I wasn’t onboard with the dragon, unicorn, angel and mermaid collections was the packaging. The palettes are made from cardboard and with no mirror, and when you consider their chocolate palettes are £8.99 each with eighteen shades with robust packaging and a mirror.

I feel like the £6.99 price tag will put many off especially the age group the palette is designed for, even more so when you get one of the Revolution Reloaded Palettes for £4 and they contain fifteen shades – these £6.99 palettes are just way off which might explain why they’re now in the sale to be honest.

I Heart Revolution Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Palette Review / Swatches

A sizzling mix of 12 eyeshadows built into one palette. A selection of bronze, gold, red, pink, purple and burgundy hues, from everyday mattes and satin shades, to shimmers perfect for those extra hot moments. Encased in fiery red packaging. Compact and light enough to carry on the go.

I Heart Revolution Dragon’s Heart Eyeshadow Palette Swatches:

I Heart Revolution Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Palette Review / SwatchesI Heart Revolution Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Palette Review / Swatches

The I Heart Revolution Dragon’s Heart Eyeshadow Palette confused me as the front of the palette says; I Heart Revolution Dragon’s Heart Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette – inspired by dragons which is relatively small writing that you’d only be able to read once you have the palette in front of you.

There are no mentions of the “highly pigmented eyeshadow palette” anywhere online either on the Revolution website or Superdrug which is so strange. It’s just marketed as a straight up eyeshadow palette, and if they’d included the highly pigmented description it may have made the palette more popular. The formula of these shadows truly are highly pigmented so it blows my mind that Revolution wouldn’t promote that!?

These swatches are as always unprimed but look how crazy pigmented these eyeshadows are?! Every single shade is intensely pigmented and they have a slightly different texture to the usual Revolution eyeshadow formula. I was not expecting this palette to be anything more than a gimmick but the eyeshadows are amazing and the formula is far superior to anything else Revolution have created thus far.

None of the shadows have names but the second shadow on the bottom row is the most mesmerising duochrome, and the a third shade on the top row is a beautiful foiled gold with glitter. Even though I really like the shades and formula of these shadows, I’m not tempted by the other palettes as they’re all very colourful but I just hope Revolution consider using this formula for palettes within their own main range as it’s so good.

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