Revolution Hits and Misses | Top 5 Bottom 5

Revolution recently celebrated their fifth birthday which is crazy, as I was one of the first lucky bloggers to try Makeup Revolution and I featured my very first haul way back in April 2014. Ever since my first post, I’ve done over 120 Revolution posts and reviews so it’s safe to say, I’ve tried a lot of their products over the last five years. Today is the start of another new series I wanted to do this year, and I was inspired by Emily Noel‘s series she does over on her YouTube channel. I thought Revolution was the perfect first brand to start with, sharing my Revolution hits and misses as there are a lot of fantastic products, but there are also some products I’d recommend avoiding at all costs so let’s kick things off with my top five Revolution products – my Revolution Hits and Misses. I will be including all of the Revolution brands within these ten picks as they’re all the same brand anyway.

Revolution Hits and Misses | Top 5 Bottom 5

Revolution Hits – Top 5

1 Revolution Pro Foundation Drops – I have a foundation in both my Revolution hits and misses, but the hit is the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops. It’s such a beautiful foundation, with buildable natural coverage which looks amazing on my dry skin. It’s a water based foundation but it’s surprisingly good in terms of coverage, as it never looks cakey or mask like on the skin. It’s the best foundation Revolution have launched so far, and I can’t stop recommending it to everyone and anyone.

2 Revolution Pro Bewitch Supreme Eyeshadow Palette – It’s crazy that four out of my five Revolution hits are all from the Revolution Pro range, but this eyeshadow palette needs a lot more praise. The quality of these shadows are some of the best I’ve tried from any brand. They’re soft, super pigmented, blendable and they’re so budget friendly. I wish they would launch more of these palettes, they’re so so good but they feel as if they’re cream shadows as they’re so buttery soft.

3 Revolution Pro Primer & Hydrate Primer – If you need a new primer, skip their recent launch of £6 primers (which are just the Revolution Pro primers repackaged) and get this primer. It’s a spot on dupe for the Too Faced Hangover Primer and it’s amazing for dry skin. I did a comparison post swatching them alongside eachother, and it’s the best drugstore primer I’ve tried. It works particularly well alongside the Foundation Drops – they’re a match made in heaven.

Revolution Pro Luminescence Skin Finish Powder Review and Swatches

4 Revolution Pro Luminescence Skin Finish Powder – This is another dupe and if you haven’t ever tried MAC Lightscapade, you’d be forgiven for trying Luminescence and being seriously disappointed. It’s not foil like in finish, like it claims so may will be disappointed if they stick to the product description.

However this shade is the perfect, naturally radiant powder that you could apply all over your face if you wanted to, with no chunky or obnoxious shimmer or glitter, and it is everything I wanted Hourglass Ethereal Light to be, except it’s £5.

Revolution Bronzer Reloaded - Hourglass Dupe! in shade Holiday Romance Review and Swatches

5 Revolution Bronzer Reloaded – This is one of the newest products in my collection, but I simply couldn’t miss including it as it’s bloody brilliant and another dupe. Revolution like to copy dupe other brands, that’s their USP so naturally at least once dupe was bound to come up within my Revolution hits and misses. This is a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer, and it’s only £3 which blows my mind. The formula is fantastic, it’s easy to apply and looks gorgeous on the skin.

Revolution Shook Eyeshadow Palette

Revolution Misses – Bottom 5

1 Revolution Shook Eyeshadow Palette – This palette is truly awful and is the worst Revolution Palette I’ve ever tried. Firstly it’s £15 which is ridiculous considering how tiny the pans are, and the quality of the shades doesn’t warrant a price over £8, never mind almost double. The packaging is very unpractical as the tin covered plastic is very heavy, mine arrived dented but it dents very easily.

The shadows are lacking in pigment, dusty, a nightmare to blend and I feel like Revolution really mislead their followers by using wet swatches done with a swatch stencil to make the shadows look a lot better than they truly are. I couldn’t recommend this palette to anyone, and to think you could buy four Reloaded palettes for £1 more than this palette is crazy.

Revolution Eye Glisten Foil and Glitter Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

2 Revolution Eye Glisten Liquid Eyeshadows – When these launched, they were marketed as being Stila Glitter and Glow dupes but they absolutely aren’t. The Eye Glistens have liquid glitter and liquid shimmer shades on either end, and they don’t compare to Stila whatsoever. My biggest issue is how badly they stain, and when I say stain I don’t mean a little tint. They stain so badly, and do for days after wearing them. You get a seriously tiny amount of product for the price yet the packaging has been made to look like there’s a lot more product inside than there is.

There’s five shades to choose from yet three of them look practically identical on the lids, which feels a little pointless and they feel gritty and textured on the lids. I would avoid these and go for the Lottie London Eye Foils which are cheaper, more unique in colour and don’t give you red eyelids for three days.

Revolution The Liner Revolution Felt Tip Liner Review and Swatches

3 Revolution The Liner Revolution Liquid Eyeliner – I can’t even mention this product without laughing; it’s that bad. Liquid liners in a felt tip format are notorious for being quite quick to dry up, but this liner dried up after three days. Yes, three days. The first time I used it, it was absolutely fine like a new liquid liner should be but on day four it had completely dried up – and the lid had been replaced securely.

The liner only contains 1ml of product, yet their Renaissance Flick Liner contains 1.5ml. The Renaissance Flick Eyeliner is amazing, so I don’t know why this liner was such a fail but it’s the worst liner I’ve tried.

Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Foundation - Review and Swatches

4 Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation – So many people love this foundation but I hate it. It was created as a follow up to their concealer which I didn’t like, but this foundation smells like paint and looks like paint on the skin too.

It’s one of the strongest smelling foundations, and not in a good way. The main reason why this was such a fail for me, was that it gave me awful cystic breakouts every single time I used it and no foundation should do that to the skin. It also made my skin look so much older than it is, which I feel is the complete opposite to what you want from a foundation.

5 Revolution I Heart Revolution Unicorn Love Eyeshadow Palette – This palette was discontinued quite soon after its launch which speaks volumes really. The I Heart Revolution Chocolate Bar style palettes are usually some of the best palettes they do, but the Unicorn Love Palette was horrendously bad, and was the worst palette I’d ever tried until I tried the Shook Palette. I just don’t know how either palette got via the testing stage, and got approval for retail as the quality is terrible.

Let me know your best and worst Revolution products?


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