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Revolution Mega Bronzer Review and Swatches

Revolution have a ridiculously large collection of eyeshadow palettes (147 of them to be exact) and a large collection of highlighters (128+), but there’s one category of product they’re definitely lacking and that is bronzers. Revolution have had numerous bronzers over their five years but none of them have been great. The best bronzer they’ve done has to be the bronze shade within the Revolution Renaissance Glow Palette, but they discontinued it which is crazy as it was such a beautiful product but they’ve recently launched a small collection of bronzers and I had to give them a try. There were two types of bronzer launched, and I’ve already featured the Revolution Bronzer Reloaded here on my blog a few weeks ago, and the Bronzer Reloaded range are baked, shimmery bronzers and I bought Holiday Romance which turned out to be a pretty decent Hourglass dupe for just £3. Today I have the Revolution Mega Bronzer to show you…

Revolution Mega Bronzer Review and Swatches in the shade 01 Cool

The Revolution Mega Bronzer £4 is available in just two shades which isn’t brilliant as it’s not enough to cater for all skintones, and bronzers are definitely not a ‘one shade fits all’ kind of product. Revolution pride themselves on being the most inclusive brand for genders, ages, skin tones etc but the lack of shades for these bronzers beg to differ.

In fact there’s technically one shade of each bronzer, as there are two bronzers; 01 Cool and 02 Warm, so in fact they’ve only done one shade of bronzer with a cool undertone, and one shade of bronzer with a warm undertone.

Revolution Mega Bronzer Review and Swatches in the shade 01 Cool

Go big with your bronze. A new-and-improved formula, formerly known as the ‘Ultra Bronzer’ returns better than ever. Its matte finish builds to a natural, long-lasting colour while creating the perfect contour, all in one super-sized compact that’s built for a big sweep.

Apply all over for a natural glow or to cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin to add definition. Finish with one of our Revolution Reloaded Highlighters to bring luminosity to the high points of the face.

Revolution Mega Bronzer Review and Swatches in the shade 01 Cool


I bought the Revolution Mega Bronzer in 01 Cool which is £4 and contains 15 grams of product in an excessively large sized compact. I feel the size of the compact is unnecessary, and they could have just done a less shallow pan and given us a normal sized compact.

I tested how shallow the pan is with a needle, and it’s much less than half a centimetre so due to how very shallow the pan is, the bronzer will be more prone to breaking with very little impact, and its not exactly travel friendly when it’s this huge either.

Just to put it into perspective, the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer contains 10 grams of product in a normal sized compact, so Revolution could have done the same even with the extra five grams.

Revolution Mega Bronzer Review and Swatches in the shade 01 Cool

For a ‘cool’ shade of bronzer, I don’t find the Revolution Mega Bronzer to be all that cool. If anything it has a strong red undertone, but when applied to the skin it doesn’t look cool toned whatsoever which I hope you can see in the swatch above.

It is a very natural looking shade for a bronzer, but it’s just not cool toned and my followers I’ve spoken to who have also purchased this shade, or swatched in store, they also agree the cool tone is yet to be seen.

I haven’t swatched the 02 Warm shade but it does look to be very warm which is what you want when buying a warm bronzer, but the shade of this one really confuses me. The bronzer itself is extremely pigmented – in fact, the most pigmented bronzer I’ve ever tried. You only need a tiny amount of product on your brush, and it’s very soft in texture so it crumbles within the pan.

It’s nicely blendable and for £4 it’s not bad at all providing you’re not wanting a straight up cool toned bronzer, as you will be disappointed with this particular shade. I really hope Revolution introduce more shades to their Mega Bronzer range as both bronzers are dark, so it’d be nice to see some shades for pale to light skintones too as well just like Anastasia Beverly Hills did with their bronzers.

Have you tried the Revolution Mega Bronzer??

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