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Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray

When it comes to sleep sprays, I have quite a sizeable collection and although I have my favourites, I’m always open to trying new sleep sprays. I’m sure a lot of people feel that they have a placebo effect, but I love them and use one every single night before trying to go to sleep or whenever I need to restore some calm. Roques-O’Neil is a brand which was featured in many YouTube videos about four years ago thanks to their Himalayan Detox Salts which is their bestselling product. If you’ve never tried the bath salts, you need to and because of the efficacy of the salts I was really intrigued by the Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray as I hoped it would be as potent as the salts.

Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray

Roques-O’Neil Therapie are a multi award winning therapeutic wellbeing brand where each element supports the many issues that arise from stress. Each of their products can be used individually or in combinations as part of a ritual that helps restore the natural energy flow that makes us feel healthy and well-balanced.

I’d really recommend reading up behind the science of the Therapie brand as it’s so interesting how their products are designed to ‘guide your spirit back to create a greater sense of equilibrium and joy’. I’ve only ever tried their Detox salts so far, but I decided to give the Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray a try as the description sounded heavenly.

Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray

A spiritually nourishing blend of sedative oils to stroke mind and spirit to sleep. A dreamy infusion of essential oils, natural floral waters, gold and lapis tincture. This tranquil hypnotic blend will wind down the most agitated mind into a deep and nourishing slumber.

Key Ingredients

Hemp – Deeply sedative reduces the effects of stress and anxiety.
Lavender – promotes deep internal balance and a release of worries and preoccupations.
Chamomile – soft calming sedative.
Orange Blossom water – Soothing and tranquil.

Tuned Out

Physical –  restless body, energy surges.
Emotional – agitated busy mind.
Spiritual – overstimulated and unable to settle.

Tuned In

Physical –  sedated and drowsy.
Emotional – peaceful and calm.
Spiritual – deep state of relaxation ready to embrace deep healing sleep.

Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray

The Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray is packaged within a weight, glossy black glass bottle and is part of their Sleep Deep collection. The spray is available in this 100ml full size for £29 from Cult Beauty, but there is also a 30ml travel size for £12 too. I have been a fan of the This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray for years, but there is no comparison between that spray and the Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray – it’s incredible how instantly effective this pillow spray is.

I find that Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray somehow not only helps me to fall asleep faster, but it actually alters my mood. I’ve got a lot of stress right now, and even during the day, a small mist of this spray has a massively calming effect and any anxieties are calmed. 

I’ve never found a pillow spray that makes a difference to my overall mood before, certainly not as massively as the Therapie Slumber Pillow Spray. I am considering decanting some of it into a Travalo so I can have some with me at all times as it’s been so beneficial whenever I’m feeling particularly stressed or panicky.

I didn’t expect to be so wowed by a pillow spray, but this is the best one I’ve tried so far and this and Temple Spa Quietude have replaced my need to ever repurchase either of the This Works Pillow Sprays (which I’ve re-purchased at least seven times) again.

Have you tried anything from Therapie before? What’s your favourite pillow spray?

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