eBay Marble Bargains

25th May 2019

I have started quite a lot of new series’ on my blog this year, as I really wanted to mix things up and I’ve been so happy with how well everything has been received. Today is the restart of a series rather than a new series. I used to share eBay bargains on my blog a lot in 2014 and 2015 but I ended up stopping featuring them and I’m not entirely sure why, but I ended up deleting the posts as the products I featured had sold out so it felt a little pointless.

Instead of just post random eBay products, I’m going to focus on doing themes and my first in the series are my eBay marble bargains – yes, you guessed it. Everything I’ve found is marble, or has a marble effect and I can’t believe how many amazing things I’ve found.

None of these links are affiliate links, no shade to those that use them but I wanted to share some items I’ve been eyeing up and I really hope you like them.

eBay Marble Bargains

Marble is somewhat of a blogger cliché but I’ve always loved anything marble, and lots of stores take advantage of the marble craze by charging really high prices for everything marble. I like that eBay allow us to purchase items mostly more affordably than they would be if we were to buy them instore, and if you’re happy to wait for your item, by purchasing from China, the prices are even better. I have found a great collection of eBay marble bargains to share with you, and I really hope you like them.

eBay Marble Bargains

1 – Marble and Rose Gold Print Canvas £12.99. It was this product in particular which inspired me to do a whole eBay marble bargains post as I couldn’t believe how affordable it was. There are four different sizes with the smallest being 20 x 30cm, and the largest is 80 x 120cm. I think this canvas is so pretty and would look fab in any room of the house. I am buying one of the middle sizes for my bedroom and I can’t wait to see if it’s as nice as it looks in the photo. 

2 – Marble Pencil Case £2.73. The likes of Spectrum Collections and Skinnydip London charge a lot of money for marble printed makeup bags, so to find this little gem for just under £3 is pretty great. They have some different colours and styles, and this is their smallest size which would be a good pencil case or a makeup bag for your handbag too. 

3 – Marble Coaster Set £4.99. I’ve been on the hunt for some marble coasters, so to find this set with six round wood effect marble coasters for under £5 blows my mind. These would be so much more expensive in the likes of Matalan or TKMaxx, and they even come with an holder to store them when they’re not in use. They have some good reviews on eBay too, which is always a bonus when purchasing something you’ve not been able to see instore.

4 – Marble Sticky Back Plastic £10.29. Sticky back plastic is a blogger must-have as you can peel off the backing, and place it onto almost anything to create a marble effect. I know many bloggers use these plastics to cover cardboard or plastic sheets to make a custom photo background. I have a couple of boards covered in marble and they’re much cheaper to make than it would be to buy a professional photography background. For £10 you get 10 metres of plastic which is an insane amount too!

5 – Marble Makeup Bag £5.07. This makeup bag is a slightly bigger size than the other one I featured above, and it’s just as cute but so affordable. It looks like it would be really nice quality too.

6 – Marble Makeup Brushes £4.89. Can you believe that this ten piece marble makeup brush set is under £5?! I know I can’t, but you get five face brushes and five eye brushes. Whilst they’re obviously not going to be the best quality brushes you’ve ever tried, but for the price you really can’t go wrong.

eBay Marble Bargains

7 – Marble Square Glass Coasters £8.49. This is the second set of coasters within my eBay marble bargains picks, and these look so luxurious for the price. I honestly would expect to pay £15 for these in the likes of TKMaxx. You get four different coasters, and I really like the silver metallic edging along the outsides.

8 – Marble Eye Makeup Brushes £2.99. This is another brush set, but this time you get ten eye brushes. Same as the mix set, they’re not going to rival Sigma in terms of quality but for the price you really can’t go wrong.

9 – Marble Holographic Phone Case £3.29. I have chosen two phone cases, but there are so so many marble phone cases on eBay right now. This one is one I ordered as I loved the holographic detailing, and I expected it to be a lot more than £3. It looks like it might actually protect your phone as well as looking pretty too.

10 – Marble Brush Holder £4.36. If you decide to buy some marble makeup brushes, you need a marble effect brush holder to store them and this bargain find is perfect. It would look fab on your dressing table and you could even keep eyeliners or lipliners inside them too.

11 – Marble Photo Frame £1.99. A £2 photo frame is a bargain anyway, but a marble printed photo frame is  a steal. It’s a nice compact size, but it would be a nice gift idea especially if you gifted it to someone with a photo inside. There’s quite a lot of marble photo frames on eBay, but this one is my favourite as it’s so affordable but cute to look at too.

12 – Marble Tea Towel £6.99. I am not sure I’d want a marble tea towel in my kitchen, but if you would I think this £7 tea towel is really nice. It even has a rose gold metallic chevron design which is a really nice touch.

13 – Marble Phone Case £4.49. The last item within my eBay marble bargains picks is this super sleep phone case which has metallic detailing. It looks a lot more expensive than it is, and it’s a case I’m planning on purchasing next as it’s so nice.

I’d love to know which item is your favourite?

eBay Marble Bargains 1
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