Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection

23rd May 2019

Lime Crime is a brand that has many dramas in the past, but since Doe Deere stepped back from the company in 2018, I do feel as if the brand has gone strength to strength. I know myself that I’ve had a couple of negative comments on social media when posting about Lime Crime products, but I choose who I do and don’t want to feature on my blog so if Lime Crime isn’t your thing, please feel free to avoid any Lime Crime posts going forward. All of the beauty brands are launching their summer collections right now, and the Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection really caught my eye and I knew I had to feature it on my blog.

Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection

Usually summer collections concentrate on lots of glow, and generally warm toned shimmers which does get a little repetitive year on year. It was the packaging which caught my eye the most with this collection, as they have gone seriously bold with the colour scheme, and in my opinion that’s what summer collections should be about.

Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection 2

The Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection is available to purchase from Cult Beauty, and the collection consists of one eyeshadow palette, a face palette, three lip colours and a freckle pen. I like that it’s more of a capsule collection as some collections can be a little overwhelming, but read on to find out more about the collection…

Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection 3

Lime Crime Sunkissed Freckle Pen £18

This is as strange as it sounds; a felt tip marker (available in just one shade – Freckle Brown) which you can use to ‘draw’ on faux freckles on your skin. Lime Crime claim the pen can be used on bare skin, or over makeup but the pen must be blotted after tap on the skin, which I guess is to remove any potential oils and makeup residue on the nib which could limit the efficacy of the pen.

The nib is pretty chunky but has been designed that way allowing you to use the pen lightly for the subtlest freckle finish, or a firmer application for bolder and more intense freckles. Now I am literally covered in freckles from head to toe, and I have to admit I don’t love them, so there’s no way I’d want something that would give me more freckles.

In all of the promotional shots I’ve seen for this pen, the models have had freckles just on their cheeks which really make me laugh as that’s not how freckles work, they appear all over the face. I have seen some reviews say that they already have freckles and because they like fuller coverage foundations, this can hide them, so this pen allows you to enhance your existing freckles which I think is a great idea.

Technically I don’t think this pen is necessary as you could use brown eyeshadow with a fine pointed brush, or even a brow pen/gel to create the same effect, but if you love the whole freckle vibe and the idea of drawing them on, this pen is for and at £18 I don’t think it’s super pricey like some faux freckle products can be.

Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection 3

Lime Crime Sunkissed Venus XS Eyeshadow Palette £18.50

There are two different palettes within the Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection; one for the eyes, and one for the face. I’m a big fan of the Lime Crime eyeshadow formula so I know this cute little palette is going to be fab, especially from the swatch photos I’ve seen. It’s a small, compact palette containing four powder eyeshadows in matte, foil and shimmer finishes. The packaging is similar to their Venus style boxes, except it’s much smaller as it’s part of the XS series.

The shadows in the palette include: Spritzer (rosy champagne foil), Rays (bright yellow matte), Sunset (bright orange shimmer) and Bronzed (bronze shimmer), and all four look very pretty and perfect for summer. Depending on your skin tone, I reckon Spritzer might work as a highlighter and the shade Bronzed maybe even work as a bronzer but as eyeshadows, all four would create gorgeous summery makeup looks from daytime through to night.

Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection 3

Lime Crime Sunkissed Face Palette £43.50

The face palette looks so similar to the eyeshadow palette, except it’s obviously much larger with six large of powders in both matte and shimmer finishes. The palette has a bold yellow coloured cardboard style packaging, with rose gold insides giving real summery vibes, and there’s a mirror within the lid surrounded by a metallic orange coloured blazing sun which is very cute.

Something I’ve found very helpful with this palette, is that Lime Crime have included photo of the six shades swatched on very fair skin, medium toned skin and also deep skin so you can see how the shades would work for you. I wish more brands did this, as it’s amazing to see how different the six shades look on the three skintones. All of the shades are warm in tone, but they look so, so pretty.

Inside the palette you’ll find; Golden Hour (golden yellow shimmer highlighter), Sun Daze (champagne pink shimmer highlighter), Salty (medium matte bronzer), Malibu (shimmering gold pink blush), Sizzle (bright orange matte blush) and Bask (shimmery bronze). The shades in this face palette do look similar to the eyeshadow palette, so much so, I thought the larger palette was just a larger version of the eyeshadow palette. I like the idea of a face palette and eyeshadow palette containing complementary shades especially if you like a more monochromatic look. 

Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection 3

Lime Crime Sunkissed Plushies Glow £20

I have two shades of the Lime Crime Plushies already and I love the formula, so I am really happy that there are three ‘glow’ effect shades within this collection. The three shades available to purchase individually are; Ambrosia (golden orchid), Coco Froyo (light warm bronze) and Popsicle (sunset orange).

This new formula of the Plushies is described as being touch-proof, breathable and long-wearing, which dry down for a fully smudge-proof finish. Normally the Plushies are completely matte, but these Plushies Glow shades have a metallic finish which is perfect for summer. 

I’d love to know your thoughts on the collection? Which is your favourite product?

*all images belong to Lime Crime and are not my own.

Lime Crime Sunkissed Collection 1
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