Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist

I have awful insomnia and have done ever since I was nine years old, so it’s safe to say I’ve tried a hell of a lot of remedies to help cure my insomnia. I’ve honestly tried everything to try and improve my sleeping patterns but from prescribed medication, to milk drinks, to breathing exercises to blue light blocking lenses in my glasses. Although nothing actually cures my insomnia, I religiously use a pillow spray every single night before going to bed as I really feel they help relax me, and stop me from getting anxious about not being able to sleep.

I could be absolutely exhausted, but if I can’t drift off to sleep, I just end up getting myself worked up worrying that I only have X amount of hours before my alarm goes off, which then keeps me awake even further – it’s a vicious cycle.

I’ve tried a lot of lavender based pillow sprays and my favourite is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, but because it’s quite pricey and something I have to use every night, I’m trying to find a budget option that works. Sanctuary Spa recently launched a Sleep Dream collection, so I picked up the Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist to try and see if it was a potential alternative to my holy grail This Works Pillow Spray.

Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist

For a restful night’s sleep, lightly spritz your pillow with the calming Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist infused with midnight flowers & lavender oil to help you unwind & drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Sleep easy, so you wake up feeling reset & refreshed. This mist includes relaxing Lavender oil. uplifting Jasmine & de-stressing ylang ylang. Not suitable for Vegans. Suitable for vegetarians. Dermatologically tested. Naturally fragranced with pure essential oils. Against animal testing. Microbead free. Paraben free.”

The Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist is £8 for 100ml whereas the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is £18 for 75ml. The packaging is really lovely, just like the rest of the Sanctuary Spa range and the Sleep Dream collection has a purple colour theme which really stands out against their orange, and gold colour theme for their main product range. The mist is in a spray bottle which is my preference with pillow mists, as aerosol mists aren’t something I want to be spraying on my pillow just before going to sleep.

Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist

In addition to the Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist, the Sleep Dream Collection also includes the Sleep Drift Off Bath Soak and Sleep Relaxing Body Butter, so you can use all three products together for the ultimate relaxing experience. I haven’t tried the body butter nor the bath soak but I can imagine they’re lovely if this pillow mist is anything to go by.

The scent is a little different to the average lavender infused pillow spray, and I can’t detect the lavender as a single note. It’s very much more of a woody, ylang ylang scent in my opinion and is really nice, and something I enjoy misting over my bedding but it doesn’t have that strong lavender scent you usually get with pillow mists.

I know lavender is somewhat of a divisive scent; you either love it or hate it, but I personally love lavender scents for everything other than skincare but I do wish this Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist had more of a prominent lavender scent. I don’t find it to have the same therapeutic and calming influence other lavender mists have, and I don’t think it works as well as the This Works Pillow Spray or the REN Pillow Spray unfortunately.

I imagine it working for general tiredness, but it’s just not effective for helping me relax and fall asleep but I do love the scent, and I love how nicely scented it leaves my bedding once I’ve used it so it’s something I’d finish, but ultimately not repurchase as I need my pillow spray to help me drift off to sleep rather than just being a laundry mist.

I’d love to know your favourite pillow mist? Do you like to use a pillow mist before bed?

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