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Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor – FAB or FAIL?!

Razors are such a boring product to purchase and talk about, but I’m always up for trying anything new. So when the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor launched within the UK, I had to give it a try as it sounded so innovative to every other razor. Although it’s a brand new launch for the UK, it’s not for the US but the Wilkinson Sword brand have a completely different name across the Atlantic.

They’re known as Schick, so it’s the Schnick Intuition Fab Razor but I didn’t know this prior to purchase and had I looked online at the reviews for that name, I perhaps wouldn’t have bought this razor as the reviews aren’t the most complementary.

There are next to no reviews of this razor under the Wilkinson Sword name so I honestly had no idea if it would be any good, but the concept sounded like a winner so I took advantage of Superdrug having a ‘better than half price’ introductory offer and bought it for £5.98 instead of the full price of £11.99.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor

The Intuition f.a.b.™ razor allows you to shave both forwards and backwards, effortlessly. With its unique bi-directional blades – the top blades shave up, and bottom blades shave down, allowing you to shave without having to lift the razor from your skin.

Its water activated gel provides effortless glide to help the razor move smoothly over your skin.

Our revolutionising beauty essential making shaving effortlessly f.a.b.ulous!

  • Revolutionary design lets you shave forward and back, effortlessly

  • Unique Bi-Directional Blades mean the top blades shave up, bottom blades shave down

  • Water Activated Gel for an effortless glide

  • Soft Rubber Handle with grooved grips for optimal control

  • Intuition f.a.b. razors are only compatible with Intuition f.a.b. blades

Simplify the way you shave forever. #effortlesslyfab”

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor

So in a nutshell, the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor is said to be the first razor that has bi-directional blades allowing you to shave up and down without having to lift your razor off the skin.

The top blades shave up, whilst the bottom blades shave down – with five blades in total that are surrounded by water activated gel for an effortless glide whilst shaving. When I first saw this razor, I was convinced it was something my life was missing. Being able to shave up and down in the shower – revolutionary, right? 

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor

Well no, not really. Firstly I really, really don’t understand why there’s not six blades or at least an even amount? Why would there be three blades and the top and then only two at the bottom as shaving down isn’t going to be as effective as shaving up so I kinda feel like what’s the point, and that was before I even tried it.  The handle is nice enough, with a rubberised coating which gives you a decent amount of grip especially when using shaving gel or having wet hands, with a good ergonomic design.

Seeing as this razor is from the Wilkinson Sword Intuition range, I assumed there would be some time of stand/shower grip holder included like their other razors, but there’s nothing included so £12 seems expensive especially as you’re only getting one razor head in the box. Plus the ‘water activated gel’ strips which surround the blades are tiny patches, and they’re nearly completely gone in just two weeks of regular use.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor

I would assume a razor with five blades would give a nice, close shave but that’s not the case with the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor. I feel as if the blades are too far in within the head, and you can only cut your hairs by pressing really hard against the skin which really increases the chance of nicks as you’re having to use so much pressure. I have super fair hair on my legs, which is very fine and practically invisible which I never really understand considering my hair and brows are almost naturally black. So because my hairs are so fine, they’re very easy to shave with any razor but not with this one.

Even by going up and down with the razor four or five times, some of the hairs were still unshaven. With a normal razor, I would usually do just one, sometimes two passes on a patch of skin to catch all of my hairs so to have to do five and still have hairs that haven’t been shaven is really disappointing.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor

Even if I use the razor in the conventional upwards fashion, the blades just don’t shave unless you really press the head against the skin. I liked the idea of a razor that you could shave up and own, but even if this razor did to its intended use (you know, cut hair), being able to shave up and down is no benefit to me. Whenever I do one pass of any razor, I like to rinse the razor’s head to wash anyway any hairs or shaving gel so it feels a little bit pointless to me. 

I did wonder whether the issue was just with mine, and perhaps the blades weren’t sharp enough or the blades weren’t protruding enough but there are endless reviews on the Amazon US site with the very same issues. You either miss the hairs even with many passes over the skin, or you end up slicing your skin as you have to press so firmly just to be able to catch the hairs.

I definitely would never purchase this razor again, it’s such a gimmick and a fail and whilst I’m glad I didn’t pay full price, I still don’t think it’s even worth the discounted price as it’s so flawed. I do really like the original Wilkinson Sword Intuition razors with the chunky handles, and soap bars surrounding the blades as they’re effective and kind on the skin, whereas the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab Razor is the complete opposite.

Have you ever tried any of the Wilkinson Sword razors before?