K-GLO Sheet Masks

K-GLO Sheet Masks

I love trying new brands when it comes to beauty products, and one trend which is massive right now is K-Beauty. K-Beauty is all about Korean beauty products and brands, and in the far-east, beauty technology is seriously advanced and it’s fabulous that their brands and products are now more accessible here in the UK. K-GLO are a Korean beauty brand with the tagline “from Korea with love”. They’re a vegan award winning brand offering masks for the face, eyes, hands and feet, and are available to purchase from Boots. I have four of the K-GLO Sheet Masks all of which are only £4.99 each which is very affordable for an high quality skincare brand as sheet masks can cost anything up to £100 per mask.

K-GLO Sheet Masks

K-GLO Smoothing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask

K-GLO® Smoothing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Mask is an intensive all-round eye treatment to nourish and plump the skin, leaving you with smoother and brighter skin.”

Ideal for: dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness.

Made with: coconut juice, birch sap and hyaluronic acid.

K-GLO Sheet Masks

K-GLO Brightening Coconut Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask

K-GLO® Brightening Coconut Bio-Cellulose Mask is a revitalizing treatment that replenishes dull skin and lightens the appearance of dark spots.”

Ideal for: dull tired skin, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Made with: coconut juice, green tea and niacinamide.

K-GLO Sheet Masks

K-GLO Hydrating Coconut Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask

K-GLO® Hydrating Coconut Bio-Cellulose Mask is an intense hydration boost for softer, smoother and more youthful-looking skin.”

Ideal for: dehydrated skin, rough dry skin and fine lines.

Made with: coconut juice, sea buckthorn and hyaluronic acid.

K-GLO Sheet Masks

K-GLO Balancing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask

K-GLO® Balancing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Face Mask is a purifying treatment that calms uneven and breakout-prone skin to restore a youthful radiance.”

Ideal for: oily skin, blemish prone skin and blotchy skin.

Made with: coconut juice, aloe vera and witch hazel.

There are K-GLOW Sheet Masks for every skin concern, and they’re all made with coconut water. Bio-cellulose sheet masks are my favourite kind of sheet mask as I find them much more comfortable to wear than paper masks, and they tend to stick to the skin better without slipping off as they fit to the contours of the face. I didn’t expect these masks to only be £4.95 each as the packaging looks so luxurious. 

I honestly expected them to be around £10 each, especially when you consider the Garnier masks are £4 each and they’re not necessarily packed with skin-loving ingredients, whereas the K-GLO Sheet Masks are. Bio-cellulose masks are my absolute favourite when it’s warm as they’re amazingly cooling and soothing. I will definitely be looking for the hand and feet masks next as I’m so impressed with these masks. I would honestly recommend them over the Garnier masks as they’re only £1 more, but the benefits on the skin are longlasting and they’re much more saturated in serum.

Have you ever tried any of the K-GLO Sheet Masks before?

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