Morphe 35H Palette Vs. Makeup Revolution Pride Proud Of My Life Palette

I love checking out the new beauty launches to see which I’d want to feature on my blog, and when perusing the Ulta website I spotted two new eyeshadow palettes and couldn’t believe how similar they were. Now both of these items have just launched so I don’t think they were created as dupes, but I do believe they’re unintentional dupes and I’d never have noticed the similarities between them if Ulta hadn’t listed them together in their ‘new in’ section. The two new palettes in question are the Morphe 35H Palette and the Makeup Revolution Pride Proud of My Life Palette.

Morphe 35H Palette Vs. Makeup Revolution Pride Proud Of My Life Palette


The Morphe Palette is $24 and once it’s launched within the UK it’s likely to be between £23 and £25 like their other 35 series but It’ll be interesting to see what price it does have once it has launched. The Revolution Palette is $15 right now, and will be £10 once it launches just like their Creative Palette.


Both palettes have plastic packaging, and the Morphe palette has the typical black casing whereas Revolution have gone for the most beautiful, bold coloured casing. The Morphe Palette contains 35 eyeshadows with 56 grams of product whereas the Makeup Revolution palette contains 32 eyeshadows with only 12 grams of product.

If you work that out at grams per shadow, the Morphe offers 1.6 grams of shadow per shade and Revolution offers a teeny 0.5 grams of shadow. Revolution really have become more and more skimpy with their offerings, and the shadows are super tiny just like they were in the Shook Palette. I much prefer larger pans as it’s easier to use fluffier brushes in them without having to worry about catching the surrounding shades. I’d prefer Revolution to give us half the amount of shadows, and double their size instead.


The Morphe 35H Palette is available on Ulta’s website, but it’s yet to reach the UK Morphe website or Cult Beauty. The Revolution Pride Palette hasn’t even launched in the UK yet, however it is on the Ulta website.


The shades between the two palettes look very, very similar indeed. It’s amazing if these palettes didn’t know the other was coming as the crossover is amazing. I obviously haven’t tried either palette so I can’t say if the formulas are dupes but visually they look extremely similar.

Both palettes feature a metallic turquoise, a neon coral, navy blue, burgundies, pale neutrals, greens, rose golds and blacks. Not only are the shades visually very similar, they also look as if they have the same formula as eachother, like the vibrant neon coral is a matte shade in each palette.

Plus: Both palettes are cruelty free too.

I would really like to know your thoughts on these palettes? Will you be giving either of them a try?

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