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Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray

The Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray is a product I’ve repurchased countless times over the years, and it’s a product I always have in my collection as it’s one of my holy grail hair products. With my blog I tend to focus on new launches, or products that are new to me and there are some products I use everyday but they’ve never featured on my blog before, and the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray is the perfect example of this. 

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray

Aussie are one of my favourite drugstore haircare brands alongside Lee Stafford, and I’ve tried almost every single one of their products over the years. One of the reasons I love Aussie so much as a brand, is the amazing scents of every product and whilst I’m sure the ingredients probably aren’t amazing for the hair (although it does contain zero parabens and zero colourants), I love anything that makes my hair look good and smell good. 

Aussie have a few different leave in conditioner sprays; the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray, the Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioning Spray, the Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioning Spray and the Aussie Stop The Break Protection and Conditioning Spray, and I have both the Hair Insurance and Miracle Moist sprays in my collection right now. They’re only £4.49 each for 250ml, but they’re permanently on some kind of offer regardless in both Boots and Superdrug. 

It’s our magic leave-in conditioning & detangler spray, with Australian Jojoba Seed Oil, that tells those annoying tangles to take a hike. Leaving you free to style your hair however you want. It smells divine and protects hair from everyday wear and tear. Go on, see for yourself.

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray

You can apply the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray to both damp or dry hair, before combing through. It’s a pump bottle that dispenses an even amount of product with each spray, and it honestly smells incredible. All of the Aussie scents are incredible, but this scent and the Miracle Moist scents are my favourite that they do and whenever I use this leave in conditioner, the scent lingers for upto 24 hours which is rare for an hair product.

As well as making my hair smell good, it does lightly condition my hair. If you have super dry hair, you’ll still need to use an intensive hair conditioner or mask beforehand, but it’s ideal as an extra step alongside my heat protection spray of choice. As a detangler, I think it’s really good but it’s not my favourite as the Tigi Bed Head Beach Freak Detangler is much more effective but this Aussie spray is a decent drugstore version.

My hair is very fine and becomes knotty very easily so a detangler is essential when my hair is wet or I simply can’t get a brush through it, even with my beloved Wet Brush, I still have to use detangler. If your hair isn’t exceptionally prone to knots, I think the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray will work perfectly for you.

Whilst it’s not the most effective detangler I’ve ever used, it’s still something I’ll always repurchase as I like how it leaves my hair so silky, smooth, soft, smelling amazing and lightly conditioned. I’d love Aussie to launch a more intensive range for when my hair’s particularly dry as all of their current ranges are quite light, but I really want to try their Pure Locks Nourish and Protect Spray next as it sounds like more of a leave in treatment than a leave in conditioner.

You can purchase Aussie haircare products from Boots and Superdrug.