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SVR Xerial Footcare | Foot Peel and Foot Cream

SVR Xerial Footcare | Foot Peel and Foot Cream

SVR is a brand I’ve seen on social media, but it’s a brand I’d never tried before. They’re a dermatological skincare brand based in Paris which was founded in 1962 with an aim to create beautiful skin. Their main belief was to formulate leading dermatological active ingredients at the highest dosage possible without affecting skin tolerance. They now pride themselves on being the most concentrated dermatological brand, with their products being 100% tested on sensitive skin. SVR have many different ranges for different skin concerns, and I have two products from the SVR Xerial Footcare collection to show you today.

SVR Xerial Footcare | Foot Peel and Foot CreamSVR Xerial Footcare | Foot Peel and Foot Cream SVR Xerial Footcare | Foot Peel and Foot Cream

SVR Xerial Peel Exfoliating Foot Mask £17

Although we use our feet constantly, they are often ignored and left out of the beauty routine, leading to the appearance of corns and calluses. To remedy this, SVR has innovated to create Xérial Peel, the 1st exfoliating sock mask for a new skin effect in a single application. Highly concentrated in keratolytic and emollient active ingredients, it exfoliates and deeply moisturizes. Its unique absorption technique targets only the rough and thickened areas of the foot, protecting the sensitive areas. Rapid and radical action for a new skin effect in less than two weeks.

This SVR Xerial Peel utilises an intense peeling complex with 15% urea to exfoliate the feet whilst also intensely moisturise thanks to emollient and hydrating plant-based active ingredients: Rockweed, Horsetail, Clematis, Green Tea and Ivy extracts. The directions are very simple which I like as some foot peels have lots of different steps, but the SVR Peel is very simple in comparison.

You simply wear the socks within the silver pouch for one hour and then rinse the feet, and within 4-5 days you’ll notice the dry skin on your feet begin to naturally peel away. They’re easy to put on, and remove once the treatment time is over and the product on the skin was also easy to rinse away. I didn’t get any peeling action until day six, and I had peeling for a solid five days so I’d recommend not using these before a big event unless you have two weeks beforehand to allow your feet to fully peel as the peeling process is really quite gross whilst pieces of your skin literally peel away.

The gross peeling stage is so worth it though as you’re left with exceptionally soft, and smooth feet with any dryness or hard patches being completely peeled away. There are tips online on how to quicken the whole peeling process, but I personally left them to work their magic at their own speed as I wanted to see how effective they were, and they were extremely effective and the best foot peel I’ve tried so far.

The foot peel socks within the box will fit feet sized between 36-43 (UK sizes size 6 to 10.5) which I think is amazing. So many of the foot peels have pretty small sock sizes so they rarely work for men, and I myself have size ten feet and the socks never fit me. These socks did fit my feet but they were very tight, so I would say only try these if you’re size ten max and not anything over than ten otherwise they won’t fit you.

What impressed me the most with these socks was that they come with a sheet of stickers, which you can use to secure the socks in place whilst they’re on your feet. Many foot peels don’t have these and you’re stuck having to sit still for an hour, but thanks to these stickers you can walk around with them on your feet and it’s a really genius idea to include them as they make them so much more comfortable.

SVR Xerial Footcare | Foot Peel and Foot Cream SVR Xerial Footcare | Foot Peel and Foot Cream

SVR Xerial 30 Nutri-Repair 24hr Moisturising Callus Prevention Foot Cream 50ml £9

24Hr moisturising, callus-preventing, nutri-repair foot cream. SVR XERIAL 30 Feet Cream repairs and prevents the appearance of calluses while nourishing very dry and damaged feet. XERIAL is a urea-based skincare range for dry, rough, peeling or flaking skin, tackling all levels of dryness. XERIAL products’ concentration of Urea varies between 5% and 50% providing different types of skincare action accordingly. Dry, rough skin regains softness, calluses, corns, deep cracks and areas of hard skin are eliminated.

The SVR Xerial 30 Foot Cream is essentially an intensive foot cream containing 30% urea. SVR have other formulas within their Xerial collection, each having different amounts of urea for different levels of dryness of the feet. This particular foot cream is designed to smooth, nourish and repair very dry feet and prevents the appearance of calluses too.

In addition to the urea, the cream also contains shea butter to moisturise the skin and allantoin to soothe the skin. It can be applied to the whole of the foot, and the formula has been designed to work well with the feet and it doesn’t make my feet feel greasy or slippery on my wooden floors. I love using foot cream as it makes such a difference to my feet, but some more intensive foot creams can leave the feet feeling slimey which is one of my pet hates with foot cream.

However that’s not the case with the SVR Xerial 30 at all as it’s not slimey or greasy in the slightest. Compared to the foot peel, this foot cream isn’t as much of a wow product but it’s been nice to use alongside the foot peel to keep my skin as hydrated as possible and it’s worked really well.

You can purchase SVR products from Feelunique, Lookfantastic and Sanavera.

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