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Guudcure Brand Introduction – Healthy Ageing and Clean Beauty

I really enjoy discovering new beauty brands via blogging, especially brands which are a little different than the average beauty brand. I discovered Guudcure for the first time a few months ago, and I have a few posts coming up on the blog over the next few weeks where I’ll introduce you to some of the Guudcure products. I feel like this has been the year where we’re becoming a little more conscious about the ingredients within our skincare products, and the more natural and clean beauty brands have become a lot more popular. Guudcure products are produced by an Italian company with an internal laboratory, where they combine healthy ageing and clean beauty philosophies in developing their luxurious skincare products.

Many anti-ageing skincare products focus on correcting and repairing visible damage to both the face and body, whereas Guudcure adapt a more healthy approach. Focusing on preventing skin ageing and protecting the skin in order to maintain its natural health. Guudcure have two main skincare collections; their Age Balance range, and their Pollution Free range.

Guudcure Brand Introduction - Healthy Ageing and Clean Beauty

Guudcure Age Balance

The Age Balance collection features a pioneering anti-aging system that maintains optimal skin balance thanks to pre and probiotics. Designed to specifically target all of the areas of the face, and repair particular skin damage: by delivering a lifting effect, filling in wrinkles, and restoring skintone, as required, whilst also nourishing the skin throughout the night with specific active ingredients. The whole Guudcure Age Balance product range is free from silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulphates, colouring agents or petroleum derivatives.

Research in fields that have little to do with cosmetology, such as nutrition, genetics, stress control, and living environments, has inspired a new, more complete and holistic approach to ageing, based on an assessment of all the mechanisms that help accelerate the ageing process.

The aim of the Age Balance range is to promote healthy ageing that takes account of individual features, instead of relying on a one size fits all invasive anti-ageing approach. Emerging trends on the cosmetics market appear to increasingly favour the clean, more than natural beauty products, and that is to say, formulations representing a carefully studied blend of ingredients that pose no hazard to human health nor the environment.

The Guudcure Age Balance range consists of;
  • Guudcure Age Balance Boosting Essence
  • Guudcure Age Balance Eye Cream Gel
  • Guudcure Age Balance Lift Serum
  • Guudcure Age Balance Gravity Day Cream
  • Guudcure Age Balance Regenerating Night Cream
  • Guudcure Age Balance Night Oil
  • Guudcure Age Balance Duo Cleanser Toner
  • Guudcure Age Balance Boosting Concentrate
  • Guudcure Age Balance Bedtime Mask
  • Guudcure Age Balance Duo Cleansing Micellar Gel

Guudcure Brand Introduction - Healthy Ageing and Clean Beauty

Guudcure Pollution Free 

Described as being the ‘urban skin solution’, utilising the power of nature against pollution. Pollution may sound like something you only need to worry about if you live in the more urban areas but it’s not. Everyday impurities build up on the surface of the epidermis and they alter the quality of the skin on face, neck and lower neckline. These impurities include pollutants that damage the skin, that weaken the skin as well as increasing its sensitivity.

The Ozone and fine particles, such as microscopic PM2.5, stick to the skin, become lodged in the pores and damage the cutaneous barrier resulting in the skin becoming oxidised, and your complexion becoming duller. Gentle deep cleansing on a daily basis is necessary to preserve not just the skin but also the cutaneous barrier that protects the epidermis from external attacks.

The Guuducre Pollution Free collection’s actions go far beyond protection from polluting agents. It’s a heterogeneous line offering a full range of benefits by combining this active anti-pollution ingredient with other specific and complementary ones for each product. The products offer antioxidant action, a reduction in the formation of free radicals and wrinkles as well as hydrating the skin. Plus the use of the products returns elasticity and compactness to the skin, re-activating its metabolism and making it brighter too.

The Guudcure Pollution Free range consists of;
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Restoring Night Serum
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Urban Cream H24
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Hair & Body Shower Gel
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Peeling Mask
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Cleansing Milk
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Purifying Micellar Water
  • Guudcure Pollution Free City Spray Solution
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Face Urban Shield
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Body Lotion
  • Guudcure Pollution Free Open Air Cream SPF15

Guudcure Brand Introduction - Healthy Ageing and Clean Beauty

Zeolite Overview

The Guudcure Pollution Free range utilises Zeolite and I have to admit, it’s not a skincare ingredient I’ve heard about before. However it sounds like somewhat of a wonder ingredient which was first formed over 300 million years ago, and has a series of beneficial effects on your skin. You can find out more about the ingredient and why Guudcure chose to develop a range based on Zeolite over on their website.

  • It acts as a trap for toxins and impurities thanks to its honeycomb, microporous cellular structure. The Zeolite’s structure has very tiny channels which attracts dirt, smog deposits and fine dusts and traps like just like a sponge or magnet.
  • As Zeolite is not absorbed by the human body, it sweeps away free radicals during cleansing without the free radicals penetrating the skin. Free radicals can damage the skin by trying to grab an extra electron from atoms in the skin. When atoms are taken away from molecules in the skin, it then causes damage to our skin’s DNA which can then speed up the skin’s ageing process.
  • Interestingly, it’s a natural relief and remedy for dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and other skin irritations.
  • Plus it helps to make the skin cleaner, brighter and more elastic to keep your skin looking its best for longer.

You can find the Guudcure Age Balance collection here and you can find the Guudcure Pollution Free collection here

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