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Guudcure Pollution Free Purifying Micellar Water

Last week I did an introduction into the Guudcure brand with an overview of both of the brand’s skincare ranges; Pollution Free and Age Balance. Guudcure products are produced by an Italian company with an internal laboratory, where they combine healthy ageing and clean beauty philosophies in developing their luxurious skincare products. Many anti-ageing skincare products focus on correcting and repairing visible damage to both the face and body, whereas Guudcure adapt a more healthy approach. Focusing on preventing skin ageing and protecting the skin in order to maintain its natural health. I’ve had the pleasure of trying three products from the Guuducre Pollution Free collection and I have the first of three reviews up today, featuring the Guudcure Pollution Free Purifying Micellar Water.


I have to admit I haven’t really thought about the damage pollution can do to the skin, as most skincare brands concentrate on the damage from the sun and the importance of using products containing high SPF factors.

However pollution is can be very damaging on the skin, and you don’t have to live in a big bustling city to be at risk either. Everyday impurities can build up upon the surface of the skin, and can alter the quality of the skin on face, neck and lower neckline – basically the exposed areas of the skin.

These everyday impurities include pollutants which are damaging and weakening to the skin, as well as increasing its sensitivity. I have super sensitive skin and I had no idea that the pollutants within the atmosphere could be actually increasing my sensitivity, and I feel like the effects of pollutants aren’t spoken about enough.

The Ozone and fine particles, such as microscopic PM2.5, stick to the skin, become lodged in the pores and damage the cutaneous barrier resulting in the skin becoming oxidised, and your complexion becoming duller. Gentle deep cleansing on a daily basis is necessary to preserve not just the skin but also the cutaneous barrier that protects the epidermis from external attacks.

This is where Guudcure step in with their heterogeneous Pollution Free collection which consists of ten different products for the face and body, utilising Zeolite. The range offers antioxidant action, a reduction in the formation of free radicals and wrinkles as well as hydrating the skin. Plus the use of the products returns elasticity and compactness to the skin, re-activating its metabolism and making it brighter too.


Guudcure Pollution Free Purifying Micellar Water:

Purifying micellar water: it cleanses, purifies and moisturizes the skin. Its high tolerance formula gently removes all impurities and traces of make-up, including around the sensitive eye and lip areas.

This water containing Zeolite moisturizes and stimulates the skin’s regeneration as well as its natural defenses. It purifies and counteracts imperfections, deeply detoxifying the skin while helping it fighting pollution. Skin is soft and purified, feels fresh and revitalized.

Active Ingredients

ZEOLITE: counters the effects of pollution. ARGININE: moisturising. ARGAN OIL: restores skin hydro-lipid film due to its emollient, nourishing and regenerating properties. ALLANTOIN: a natural, protective skin moisturising agent. Soothing and re-epithelizing. EXTRACT OF WATERCRESS SPROUTS: antioxidant to prevent signs of skin ageing linked to environmental stress. (Dermatologically tested)


I’m a massive micellar water fan. They’re so quick and easy to use, and the Guudcure Pollution Free Purifying Micellar Water is much more than your standard micellar water. Usually I use my micellar water to remove the bulk of my makeup before using a cleansing balm, cream or oil without actually offering any skincare benefits.

The application method is the same as any other micellar water in that you apply to a cotton pad, pass all over the face and neck without the need to rinse. However it offers deep cleansing action, detoxification, purification and moisturization of the face, eyes and lips in the most delicate of ways.

In addition to its natural pollution fighting defences, the micellar water works to stimulate the skin’s regeneration process too. The formula is free from silicones, PEG, minerals oils, parabens and has an allergen free fragrance. The micellar water can be used both in the morning and evening by normal to sensitive skin types, offering removal of makeup, impurities and damaging pollutants.

The Guudcure Pollution Free Purifying Micellar Water has a really luxurious skincare scent, the type of scent you’d get from boutique skincare brands. It has the kind of scent you’d expect as part of a spa facial, and it feels so pleasant to use. After swiping the cotton pad all over my face, neck and decolletage, it leaves my skin feeling as if I’ve just applied an essence.

It feels hydrated, soft, purified and soothed, and it’s worked really well whenever my skin’s been a little red and reactive. I really like that by using this micellar water, I’m helping to remove harmful pollutants from my skin and it gives my dry skin a lovely dose of hydration which will be even more appreciated as we move towards the cooler months now Autumn is officially here.

You can purchase the Guudcure Pollution Free Purifying Micellar Water from Amazon right here, and the rest of the Pollution Free collection can be found here.

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