Molton Brown Advent Calendar Contents Reveal!

22nd September 2019

If I had to choose my top favourite advent calendars, the Molton Brown Advent Calendar would feature quite highly and would definitely be one I’d love to own. It’s a pricey one at £175, and the contents you’re getting are worth £262 so you are getting just under £90 worth of extra products for your money.

Molton Brown Advent Calendar Contents Reveal!

The design is simply exquisite just like all Molton Brown products, with a matte black and rose gold foil finish. It just looks so beautiful with a pretty little bow on the front as an extra finishing touch. Inside the calendar there are 24 little drawers in the same black and rose gold colour scheme and the products included feature fragrance, haircare, body care, home fragrance and more. 

Molton Brown are a high end brand, and their prices do reflect that. That’s why I think advent calendars are so great, as they enable you try lots of a brands products at once so you can get a really good feel for the brand and their products. Opening this calendar everyday really would be a decadent treat, and don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know what’s inside.

Molton Brown Advent Calendar Contents Reveal!

Molton Brown Advent Calendar Contents Reveal;

3 x 75ml Festive Bauble in Bizarre Brandy, Vintage With Elderflower, Muddled Plum

2 x 50ml Body Lotion: Bizarre Brandy, Muddled Plum

3 x 7.5ml Eau de Toilette: Bizarre Brandy, Vintage With Elderflower, Muddled Plum

1 x 40ml Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment

2 x 50ml Fine Liquid Hand Wash: Re-charge Black Pepper, Fiery Pink Pepper

3 x 50ml Bath & Shower Gel: Jasmine & Sun Rose, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel, Rosa Absolute

3 x Mini Scented Candle: Coco & Sandalwood, Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, Russian Leather

1 x 50ml Purifying Shampoo With Indian Cress

1 x 50ml Purifying Conditioner With Indian Cress

1 x 40ml Heavenly Gingerlily Hand Cream

2 x 50ml Body Oil: Orange & Bergamot, Rosa Absolute

1 x 50ml Suede Orris Hair Mist

There are so many products within this calendar that I’ve never even tried which is why I love the contents so much. The Molton Brown Festive Baubles are so cute, and are essentially Christmas baubles containing Molton Brown Shower Gel which you can even hang on your tree should you wish to. This is a gem of a calendar and would be in my top 5 of favourite beauty advent calendars for 2019.

The Molton Brown Advent Calendar is available on the Molton Brown website right now whilst stocks last.

Molton Brown Advent Calendar Contents Reveal! 1
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