MUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette

I used to be a massive MUA fan back when I started blogging but after Makeup Revolution launched, I found that I was buying less MUA products and buying more from Makeup Revolution. I don’t know what’s changed but I feel like MUA have really raised the bar this year with some really exciting launches and not just recycling the same product over and over. Did you know that Revolution Beauty have THREE versions of a ABH Modern Renaissance dupe?! The I Heart Revolution Chocolate Elixir, Revolution Iconic Vitality AND Revolution Pro Restoration Palette. They vary from £4 to £8 but they all contain the same eyeshadows to mimic the Modern Renaissance Palette. I like that MUA don’t have any overlap and I like their Fire Vixen Palette so when they launched the new MUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette, I knew it had to be mine and it’s only £5 for 15 shades.

MUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review


Take your inner vixen to the next level with our latest edition – Cosmic Vixen. Taking inspiration from its much loved sister, Fire Vixen, turn up the impact with these latest shades. 

Containing 15 complimentary eyeshadows curated in stunning hues with a soft and silky finish. Create a multitude of looks with the highly pigmented formulas in both matte and pearl that blend easily. For show-stopping results blend and layer the shades for multi-tonal finishes, or wear alone for a softer look.

MUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review


The packaging is very plain and cheap but it’s £5, so you can’t expect anything more but the palette contains 12g of product. There are no shade names but the back of the palette has a sticker numbering each shade.

I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to colour in my eye makeup but palettes like these are ideal as you can experiment without spending too much. I don’t think this palette is trying to dupe any other palettes as the colour scheme is quite unique, and I like that it contains mattes, shimmers and pearl finishes with both cool and warm toned shades.

MUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and ReviewMUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and ReviewMUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review

For a £5 palette, the MUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette is a pretty good palette. As a whole the pigmentation is decent although shades 12 and 13 are quite sheer so they need building up, but once applied over an eyeshadow primer they’re absolutely fine.

£5 for 15 shadows is great value as it works out at just 33 pence per shade, and I’ve found all of the MUA Professional 15 Palettes to be consistent in terms of quality. My favourite shades within the palette would have to be 4 and 5 on the top row, the entire middle row and 1st shade on the bottom row.

I do think shade 3 is a little pointless but it can be used as a base shade to be used under any of the other shades to make them pop but I’d have preferred it to be a pale brown matte which could be used as a transition shade but overall the MUA Cosmic Vixen Eyeshadow Palette is definitely not a disappointing palette.

Have you tried any of the MUA Professional 15 shade palettes?

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