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NARS Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

NARS Wanted Palette Review with Swatches

NARS have been my favourite higher end brand ever since I fell in love with their Radiant Creamy Concealer and Radiant Cream Compact Foundation. Whenever NARS launch a face or eyeshadow palette, I’m always excited, and I’ve collected quite a few of their palettes (Dual Intensity Palette, Virtual Domination Palette, One Shocking Moment Palette and the NARS Despair Palette)  over the years as the quality is always so consistent.

One of my favourite all time eyeshadows is NARS Stud, as it’s highly reflective and loaded with sparkle which looks so pretty on the eyes. When I saw the images for the NARS Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette £26, I knew I needed it within my collection as several shades looked to have the same reflective formula as my beloved Stud.

NARS Wanted Palette Review with Swatches

NARS have launched several mini eyeshadow palettes which are ideal for travel or for carrying around in your makeup bag, and the NARS Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette is in my opinion, the perfect palette for a makeup bag. The palette is £26, available from Cult Beauty and contains six powder eyeshadows each containing 0.7g of product each. What makes this palette so appealing is that it’s a mini version of a much larger palette.

NARS Wanted Palette Review with Swatches

The bestselling NARS Wanted Eyeshadow Palette contains twelve eyeshadows and is more than double the price of the NARS Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette. The pan sizes within the mini version are smaller (0.7g each) compared to the large Wanted Palette (1.4g) but when do you ever finish an eyeshadow?

I know I very rarely hit pan on shadows as I change my eyeshadow look everyday, even if I do have a favourite within a palette, 0.7g is still a decent sized pan compared to full size NARS eyeshadow palettes. I’ve included a photo of the palette on my hand so you can see how compact it is, but it’s so lightweight and I love the pixel effect of a makeup look on the lid.

NARS Wanted Palette Review with Swatches

Introducing the new status symbol: Your most-wanted shades, now in a covetable mini palette. Make eyes with an exclusively edited collection of six addictive, pure-pigment eyeshadows featured in bestselling NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette.

Create irresistible looks with high-profile matte, satin, and shimmering metallic finishes with just one swipe. The shades you want. The palette you need. Eyes to envy. Everywhere you go. #NARSissist

NARS Wanted Palette Review with Swatches

NARS do sometimes repeat their bestselling shades within some of their palettes so you can get some overlap if you’re a NARS fan and own a couple of palettes which isn’t necessarily a bad thing should you love those shades.

The original Wanted Palette contained twelve brand new, exclusive shades so the NARS Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette does too except with six of the most loved shades from the original palette.

Obviously this has a downside too because you won’t be able to purchase any of the shades individually if you happen to become obsessed with any of them and I myself love every single shade within this palette – it’s a seriously stunning palette.

NARS Wanted Palette Review with Swatches

  • SATISFACTION (shimmering golden pink)
  • DELIRIUM (metallic rose)
  • MENDOZA (shimmering pink copper)

NARS Wanted Palette Review with Swatches

  • SHOOTING STAR (sparkling champagne)
  • SHADOW HILL (matte saddle)
  • WICKED GAME (satin cranberry)

You really can’t go wrong with NARS eyeshadows with both their eyeshadow palettes and their eyeshadow single/duos too. This NARS Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette is the best NARS palette I’ve tried and I can totally understand why these six shades were chosen as favourites from the full size Wanted as the quality is exceptional.

I love the mixture of finishes – you have mattes, satin, sparkle, shimmer and metallic finishes with both warm and cool tones.

The swatches above are as always, done with my fingertip on unprimed skin and you can see beautifully they’ve blended.

My favourite shade has to be Shooting Star as it’s so sparkly and pretty, and whilst it does contain silver micro glitters, it applies nicely when applied with a fingertip over the top of another shadow with minimal fallout.

I think Satisfaction works as the perfect transition shade, and I’m really enjoying using Shadow Hill to darken any eyeshadow looks, or buffed along my lashline for a little more depth.

This is a limited edition palette, so it’s one you need to snap up sooner rather than later if you love the look of the shades, but I really couldn’t be happier with it.

You can purchase the NARS Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette from Cult Beauty for £26.

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