Sunkissed 25 Days Of Sunkissed Advent Calendar 2019 Contents Reveal!

Sunkissed aren’t a brand I’ve had much experience from. I know they are known for their budget makeup sets, particularly around Christmas time but they’re not a brand you can find in the likes of Boots or Superdrug. I spotted that Sunkissed had launched an advent calendar, and decided to do a post on it as the posts I’ve done on the more budget friendly advent calendars have been considerably more popular than those with calendars for £100+.

The Sunkissed 25 Days Of Sunkissed Advent Calendar 2019 is available to buy from Fragrance Direct for £10.99, however Sunkissed themselves are trying to sell this calendar for £29.99 although the design is absolutely identical, the picture on the bottom of the box looks very slightly different. I don’t know if that means that this one is last year’s version, but even if that is the case, sites like Home Essentials are selling the very same calendar as the Sunkissed website for £14 so I would recommend avoiding the Sunkissed website entirely.

Sunkissed 25 Days Of Sunkissed Advent Calendar 2019 Contents Reveal!

Fragrance Direct have this calendar listed as having an RPP of £12.99 which is without a doubt the most it’s worth, so the fact Sunkissed are trying to sell it for £29.99 is disgusting in all honesty even if the shades are a little different. The Sunkissed makeup products are between £3-£8 for full sizes, so there’s no way the contents are worth £30.

This makeup and nail set contains an incredible selection of this seasons hottest cosmetic trends for eyes, lips, nails and face. Ideal for any makeup lover and beautifully put together within our on-trend peach and iridescent packaging.”

Sunkissed 25 Days Of Sunkissed Advent Calendar 2019 Contents Reveal!

Just looking at this image of the contents, would you pay £30 for that? I certainly wouldn’t and the sponge tip applicators, and squared off makeup brush look like they belong in the 80s. There is only one full size product within the whole calendar which makes it even more comical as the rest of the calendar are mini sizes you can’t purchase individually. The contents are listed as follows:

Sunkissed 25 Days Of Sunkissed 2019 Contents Reveal:

  • 4x Eyeshadow
  • Blusher
  • Mascara
  • Lip Liner
  • 2x Nail Polish
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter
  • Lipstick Godet
  • 2x Lip Gloss
  • 2x Lipstick
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • 3x Brush (read: one brush and two sponge tip applicators)
  • Brow Pencil
  • Glitter Nail File
  • Nail Stickers (FOUR nail stickers)
  • Gem Pot
  • Matte Bronzer (full size 12g)

So they are the contents of the 25 Days of Sunkissed Calendar which is the worst advent calendar I’ve found to be honest. I had to do a post on it as I would hate anyone to spend £30 and be left so bitterly disappointed. Even if you’re buying for a teenage girl, I’d recommend the W7 advent calendar as it’s just over £10 and contains really great products, and ones W7 sell normally, and not mini products made for the purpose of a calendar.

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