Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection Review

When it comes to vitamins, I’m really not the best at taking them. I’m rubbish with taking any tablets or vitamins if they taste horrible even if I know I need to take them. That’s where the exciting new brand Wicked Gummy Co steps in. Wicked Gummy Co launched in July and are headed up by the former head of marketing at Protein World. The kicked off their launch with an original range of five vegan nutritional gummies on their website and they claim to be the most effective gummy based nutritional collection to launch in the UK.

Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection Review

I’ve tried a few different gummy based vitamins and I’ve never been wowed by any that I’ve tried, but the Wicked Gummy Co had me instantly intrigued with their fun branding and great choice of different gummies.

I was very kindly given the opportunity to trial all five of the different nutritional gummy blends, all of which are vegan and contain 60 gummies per jar which equates to 30 servings – with one serving per day recommended. You can purchase the gummies individually or in bundles which mean you’ll get a discount.

Whenever I review a product, regardless of what it is, I like to do some research into the brands and products to find out more. I really liked that Wicked Gummy Co have a page dedicated to the benefits of using gummies for your multivitamin needs, and I wanted to include some of the benefits which definitely stood out to me incase you were on the fence with trying their gummies.

If you want to see a specific run down of the ingredients of each variety, the product pages have everything listed with the benefits (I’ve hyperlinked the price tags below so you can go directly to them).

Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection Review

  • Highest Quality – Their nutritional gummies are manufactured in BRC approved facilities and contain only the finest ingredients. They are allergen friendly and vegan friendly.
  • Great Tasting – The nutritional gummies provide a convenient and tastier alternative to conventional pills and capsules.
  • Dysphagia Solution – The inability or difficulty in swallowing pills is far more common than people may think. Up to 40% of adults (myself included) experience discomfort when swallowing pills, so chewable gummies are a great solution.
  • Goodbye Pill Fatigue – Some people do not like swallowing pills, especially if they may take other prescriptions and are in need of a change of pace; the drudgery of washing down a handful capsules every morning simply becomes boring.
  • Improved Bioavailability – Studies show that one of the most common things preventing people from getting the most benefit from nutritional supplements is not taking them every day. To have a daily intake of the active ingredients increases the bioavailability and therefore the efficiency of the supplement in question.

Let’s get onto the different Wicked Gummy Co varieties…

Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection ReviewWicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection Review

Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin D Sunshine Gummies £19.99

“60 orange flavour gummies – 1000% of your RDI of vitamin D in two sunshine gummies to brighten your day. Ideal for those following a plant based diet or those grey winter months. Vitamin D also helps strengthen teeth, bones and muscle.”

I have quite a few vitamin deficiencies, one of which is a Vitamin D deficiency so this was the one I knew I needed, and I was hopeful that it would be kinder on my very sensitive stomach than the Vitamin D I’d been prescribed.

They taste like authentic orange jelly babies or orange fruit pastilles (but no way near as hard) and they don’t leave an after taste either. I’ve not seen any visual benefits with this, but it’s unlikely anyone would as it works to boost the teeth, bones and muscle but seeing as I’m vitamin D deficient I know these gummies will be really helping me.

Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection ReviewWicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection Review

Wicked Gummy Co Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies £19.99

60 mixed berry flavour pectin gummies – Say hello to shinier hair, glowing skin and stronger nails! Our vegan beauty gummy contains a potent blend of biotin and vitamins C & E amongst others.

These are a little bit denser in that the Vitamin D gummies but they’re just as easy to chew. The flavour isn’t very strong like the others, these definitely had a milder taste in comparison.

I can’t think of anything that is comparable taste but they’re still really nice and if you asked someone to try one without mentioning they were a vitamin, they would never know it was a vitamin – they literally taste, and have the same consistency as sweets.

Benefits wise, after six days I noticed my fingernails and even my toenails were growing quicker, and my hair has grown too by around 1cm in 10 days, so a potential 3cm per month would be really impressive. I haven’t noticed any skin benefits just yet, but with how long a skin cycle is, it’s unlikely anyone would notice any difference in just ten days.

Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection ReviewWicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection Review

Wicked Gummy Co Peaceful Zzzzz £23.99

60 passion fruit flavour gummies – Passiflora, 5-HTP and valerian root combine for a peaceful sleep and energised tomorrow! Our unique blend helps your body increase serotonin levels. Blissful sleep fights depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, weight gain and other health problems.

I have awful insomnia and have since my early teens, and have tried endless remedies to try and help my sleep issues so I’m always up for trying anything that could possibly help.

I have to be honest, this variety was my least favourite in terms of taste as they have a slight bitter aftertaste however I asked Rob to try one for me and he didn’t have an aftertaste so it could just be me.

The bear shape is really cute seeing as they’re sleep related, but I do wish they tasted as good as the others as the others really are delicious. I didn’t notice anything in terms of benefits either with this variety, whereas I did with the others.

Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection ReviewWicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection Review

Wicked Gummy Co Multivitamin £14.99

60 lemon flavour gummies – All your essentials in two delicious gummies. What better way to start the day. Our unique vitamin blend contains A, B6, C, D & E, as eel as niacin and selenium. Reduce tiredness, improve your immunity and enjoy stronger vision and bones!

I think these might be my favourite taste wise, they remind me of lemon jelly tots but as they’re bright orange it’s strange as you expect them to taste of oranges! I can’t believe this particular gummy contains so many vitamins as they taste too good to be vitamins. All of the different flavours have push down to open childproof lids which I think is really great seeing as they do look and smell like sweets.

I hate multivitamin tablets as they’re usually big like horse pills and they always taste horrible, but these are a game changer for me as I usually can’t stomach multivitamins as they repeat on me so much.

I don’t have any repeating with the Wicked Gummy Co Multivitamin, and I love that I’m taking so many very important vitamins particularly as cold and flu season is approaching. I would definitely repurchase these, I can’t recommend them enough if you’ve struggled to find a palatable multivitamin.

Wicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection ReviewWicked Gummy Co Vitamin Gummies Collection Review

Wicked Gummy Co Happy Tummy £21.99

60 yoghurt flavour pectin gummies – Our delicious probiotic contains a billion live cultures per serving! Our friendly combination of bacterial cultures will help restore the natural balance of your digestive system. Our vegan gummies contribute towards a range of benefits including digestive health, immune function and weight loss.

The final variety is the one I was most looking forward to trying as I have multiple stomach issues. They taste like a strawberry yoghurt sweet like a Chewitt or Fruitella, and are one of my favourites taste wise. I think this variety would be incredible if you were prescribed antibiotics as they can really mess with your stomach.

I feel like I’ve had less cramps, and less stomach pain since I started the Happy Tummy variety and for £21.99 a month, that’s absolutely worth it for me alone.

I have stomach pain every day and sometimes it can be so dehabilitating I can’t leave the house, but these gummies reduced my cramps I usually get every time I eat anything. I can’t commend on the immune function benefits, but with autumn almost upon us, the cold season will be upon us so I’d like to think they could help boost my immune system.

I have tried each of the five varieties for ten days each, one at a time so I can get an honest experience with each one in order to report back within my review. Each of the different gummy varieties come in a clear plastic jar with a screw lid, and are domed shaped so they’re not too big.

Although the Peaceful Zzzzz gummies are shaped like cute little bears. I’m not entirely sure why that one variety is different to the others, but they’re all a good size and they’re easy to chew – we’re talking jelly baby soft rather than wine gum like most vitamins.

I tried some gummy vitamins from a well known drugstore vitamin brand and they were so hard to chew that almost felt like toffees and I couldn’t help but worry how digestable they would be. All five Wicked Gummy Co varieties are easy to chew, and they all truly taste like their advertised flavour – there are none that taste bitter or vitamin-like which is a massive winner in my books.

I can honestly say the Wicked Gummy Co gummies are the nicest tasting vitamins I’ve ever tried, and if like me you really struggle to take vitamin tablets and supplements, they really are well worth a try!

You can purchase all five varieties directly from the Wicked Gummy Co website, where they offer free UK delivery on orders over £25.

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