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Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows Review / Swatches

I used to be a really big fan of Essence, and  used to feature their products at least once a month and looking through my past posts, it’s been over a year since I featured them on my blog.

In all honesty I started to fall out of love with the brand as they’re only available from Wilko, and I never go into Wilko stores.

This year they’ve made many of the products (especially new launches) on the website ‘store only’ which is a real faff and I’m just not going to go to an out of my way to go to a Wilko when nine times out of ten the stand is ransacked and dirty.

It’s about time Essence chose another stockist like Boots or Superdrug so their products are more accessible, but I bought two of the Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows as curiosity got the better of me as I’ve heard so many amazing things about them.

Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

The Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows are £3 each and contain 2 grams of product. They’re available on the Wilko website in a total of six shades. Essence have a very quick turnaround for their products, and it feels like as soon as they launch something, it’s discontinued a month later.

I’m not sure if the Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows are set to be discontinued as some of the shades are on sale for £1 each. However the two shades I have are £3 so I thought I’d still feature them here on my blog incase you spot them instore.

Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows Review and Swatches Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

The eyeshadows with an exciting bouncy texture are reminiscent of melted metal and have a strong pigmentation. With silver, copper, taupe, rosé, nude and blue-violet, the eyeshadows are available in a trendy selection of colours – now there’s no limit to your eye make-up!

  • Eyeshadows with a bouncy texture
  • Highly pigmented in a trendy colour selection
  • Look reminiscent of melted metal

Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

These eyeshadows are absolutely stunning and I cannot believe how beautiful they are for only £3. If you like the multi-dimensional effect of some of the ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadows, you’ll love these Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadows.

They have the same cream to powder formula with a coloured powder base, saturated in tonnes of sparkle. These swatches seriously don’t do these shades justice, they’re incredible and I wish there were more shades to choose from.

Zinc About You 01 is a pretty rose gold with silver sparkle, and Ironic 02 is a light gold with golden sparkle. Both shades are very pigmented, smooth and feel like liquid metal on the lids.

If Essence discontinue this formula it would be a travesty as they truly are amazing, and for £3 they’re a bargain too, especially as full size eyeshadows tend to contain 1.2g to 1.4g of product.

If you see these eyeshadows instore, make sure you swatch them and give them a try as I guarantee they’ll wow you.