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GOSH Slanted Pro Liner Review / Swatches

I have been a fan of GOSH as a brand for at least fifteen years, and their pencil eyeliner used to be my absolute favourite eyeliner pencil way before I ever thought about starting a blog. I really love how much eyeliner can totally transform a makeup look and my eyeliner collection includes powders, liquids, gels and creams. Liquid eyeliner tends to be quite similar from brand to brand, and the only thing that really differs is the longevity and intensity, but the super unique applicator on the GOSH Slanted Pro Liner had me sold.

GOSH Slanted Pro Liner Review / Swatches

Although I’d had good experiences with their pencil eyeliners, I can’t recall ever liking any of their other liners very much so I wasn’t sure if I’d like this liner but the applicator was unlike anything else in my collection.

I feel like GOSH need to rethink their marketing team, as although they do regularly launch new products, you never see any promotion or campaigns on their products so they’re seriously overlooked. The GOSH Slanted Pro Liner is £6.99 from Superdrug and is available in Matt Black or Intense Black which looks to be more of a glossy black.

I chose Matt Black as I only ever want to use a matte liquid liner, but if you do like a more shiny finish to your liner, the Intense Black might be a better choice. 

GOSH Slanted Pro Liner Review / Swatches

SLANTED PRO LINER – 002 Matt Black is extremely waterproof and lasts up to 24 hours. An intense matt black liquid eye liner with a slanted applicator, it is quick and easy to apply. Ideal for creating a rebellious winged “matt cat eye” look or for creating thin, bold, straight, or curved lines, it has excellent and even colour pay-off.

The SLANTED PRO LINER is ideal for using around the edge of the eye and creates perfectly precise lines thanks to its slanted tip. Just turn the eye liner 90° to draw a thick or thin line with the long-lasting, dual-tip.

GOSH Slanted Pro Liner Review / SwatchesGOSH Slanted Pro Liner Review / Swatches

So the GOSH Slanted Pro Liner is unique because the applicator is a squared off, angled sponge tip which has been designed to create more angular looks. The liner has an inkwell format that needs vigorous shaking before use.

I tried to show the liner with different intensities by using lighter and firmer strokes, and using the applicator on its side and also horizontal to give a good representation of how it looks on the eyes. Unfortunately it’s really disappointing and I wish I hadn’t bought it.

Firstly the ‘ink’ dries instantly on the skin, and is not even a little opaque. It’s very sheer and you can see your skin through the liner. If you try and retrace your lines to intensify the liner, it just flakes off.

It’s sheer, streaky and is too flexible to be able to get the most precise application. It actually is one of the worst eyeliners I’ve tried which is crazy as I’ve tried so, so many different eyeliners since I started lining my eyes at 14.

I definitely don’t recommend this liner, and for £6.99 you’d be better off purchasing the Revolution Renaissance Flick which is £2 cheaper at £5 with better packaging, better pigmentation, better longevity and just a massively better product.

The liner is available at Superdrug.

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