Hask UnWined Red Wine 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’re probably tired of me ranting about how much I hate how knotty and fine my hair is. I could use straighteners to create a poker straight style to my hair and just sit and watch TV without moving my hair and within an hour it’d become very knotty. I feel like I spend a massive chunk of my life brushing my hair so a good detangler is mandatory whenever I wash my hair, and I sometimes even have to use one in my dry hair in the mornings to coax out the knots that have formed overnight. My current favourite detangler is the TIGI Beach Freak Spray. However I bought the Hask UnWined Red Wine 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray as I loved the idea of a leave in conditioner with ten benefits, and it’s less than half the price of the TIGI spray at just £6.49.

Hask UnWined Red Wine 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray

The Hask UnWined Red Wine 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray is the all-you-need, repairing red wine infused spritzer with 10 incredible benefits!

1. Repairs breakage
2. Mends split ends
3. Strengthens
4. Eliminates frizz
5. Conditions
6. Detangles
7. Nourishes
8. Smoothes
9. Shines
10. Thermal protection

Hask UnWined Red Wine 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray

Hask are an American based haircare brand which used to only be available in Primark stores within the UK, but now they’re available in Superdrug, Boots, Tesco and Waitrose too so they’re a lot more accessible. I’ve tried some of the Hask oil infused range, but the UnWined By Hask is one of their sub-brands which is totally inspired by wine.

 There are multiple different ranges; the Red Wine collection, the White Wine collection, the Rose Wine collection and the Champagne collection. I don’t like the scent of wine so the whole wine thing didn’t really appeal to me, but the benefits of the UnWined range sounded impressive and worth a shot.

Inspired by white, rosé, red wines and champagne, the collection features nourishing wine extracts and intoxicating scents that work to tame frizz, protect, hydrate and strengthen and add shine. It was the reviews on the Ulta website of the Hask UnWined Red Wine 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray which made me want to try it as everyone said such great things.

Hask UnWined Red Wine 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray

Whenever a product is said to contain quite a lot of benefits in one, I’m always a little bit sceptical as I always feel like one product can’t possibly do ten different things in one? The Hask UnWined Red Wine 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray can be liberally spritzed through damp or dry hair, before combing through and as the name suggests, is a leave in conditioning spray.

I was worried the spray would actually smell like red wine which would be totally off putting but it doesn’t thankfully. It has a lovely, sweet fruity scent which lingers for only a couple of hours post styling. For the review portion of my post, I thought I’d include the ten listed benefits and then comment on whether I thought the spray delivered on each of the benefits…

1. Repairs breakage – this is always a misleading claim for any haircare product as nothing can ever repair breakage. When something is broken, it’s broken. The spray might deeply condition the hair to prevent future breakage, but if your hair is broken due to colouring or heat damage, the only thing that’ll help is a pair of scissors.
2. Mends split ends – this is the same as above, split ends can’t be fixed once the hair shaft has split. The spray could make split ends look less noticeable by controlling frizz, but it’s not a miracle spray that can magically reverse damaged hair.
3. Strengthens – I’d like to think the spray delivers on this one as it does a nice job at conditioning the hair, and over time I hope it does strengthen the hair with continued use.
4. Eliminates frizz – This is a yes and no for me. I have very frizzy hair so I need to use some kind of hair oil within my haircare routine to control the frizz or I get an halo of frizz, but if you have normal frizz, I think this spray would work well. 
5. Conditions – It’s a yes for this one, my hair always feels conditioned and hydrated when using this spray and it delivers on being a leave in conditioner.
6. Detangles – The most important claim in my opinion, and the reason I bought it and yes it definitely works very well at helping t0 detangle my hair. I think it’s very, very close to being as good as the TIGI spray so I’m very happy and I only need to around four to six sprays on my waist length hair.
7. Nourishes – This is similar to #5 and I’m not sure it needed to be listed as a separate benefit, but yes it offers my hair nourishment.
8. Smoothes – It does a mild job at smoothing my hair, but like I said with #4, it doesn’t tame my frizz as much as I wish it did.
9. Shines – My hair always looks shiny and healthy whenever I use this spray.
10. Thermal protection – You can’t really prove or disprove thermal protection claims, but I know that when I do use hot tools after using this spray, I don’t get that awful singed hair scent you can often get so I’m hoping it is protecting my hair against my heated hair tools.

Overall it’s a great leave in spray, and a great buy at just £6.49. You can purchase the spray alongside the rest of the UnWined by Hask range from Superdrug.

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